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Hyper Sports Screenshots (Sharp X1)

User Screenshots

Sharp X1 version

Title screen, the game is split into two parts, "1" has four events, "2" has three events
Title screen for part 1
The list of events in the first part
Name entry
100m Freestyle Swimming, hey guys wait up!
The mob wins in the end
Skeet Shooting
As you can tell by the wink, shooting is one of mob's favourite disciplines
Long Horse
A head landing after a double backflip will be sure to impress the judges
Mob Game Over? WHAT!? We'll just see about that
After some "persuasion" they eventually succumb to common sense and I'm declared the winner
Yeah, I gots this
Title screen for part 2
Events in the second part
Triple Jump
Foul? Why you! That was just barely over the line!
Measure that!
Choosing the weight
Weight Lifting
Mob is delighted with lifting fly weight
Pole Vault
Why you! I'll take that red flag of yours and...
Mob's performance was so dominating that second and third place didn't even show up for the podium