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Advertising Blurbs

Advert in Zzap! (Issue 4 August 85 Back Page) – UK:

    EPYX goes





    All the critics agree . . . Impossible Mission has a unique place amongst today's software classics. Superb graphics, synthesized voice and original game concept will keep you coming back for more. Already voted "Game of the Year" by British Micro Awards 1985, it is surely destined to become an all time great. Are YOU ready to face the most impossible mission yet devised???
    "Outstanding graphics, sound and amazing digitized speech".
    ZZAP! 64

    Contributed by FatherJack (62743) on Mar 29, 2015.

Print advert by U.S. Gold in November 1985 issue of Amtix! :
    Game of the Year 1985-

    British Micro Awards

    Message from the Agency computer..... "....Your mission. Agent 4125 is to foil a horrible plot. From an underground laboratory, Elvin. the scientist, is holding the world hostage under threat of nuclear annihilation. You must penetrate his stronghold, avoid his human-seeking robots and find pieces of the security code.

    Somersault over the robots or use a precious snooze code to deactivate them long enough to search each room. Use the Agency's computer to unscramble the passwords from the code pieces, or try solve them yourself. You'd better beware....This mission is stamped IMPOSSIBLE!"

    Contributed by Trypticon (11039) on Aug 14, 2011. – Wii (UK):
    During the past three days, key military computer installations of every major world power have reported security failures. In each case, someone gained access to a primary missile attack computer. Only one person is capable of computer tampering on this scale - Professor Elvin Atombender.

    Using a fortune he amassed by raiding the computer systems of various financial institutions, Professor Elvin Atombender constructed a vast, underground stronghold packed with computer equipment. There, in seclusion, Elvin spent four years working to breach the security of military computer installations around the world. As you know, he has succeeded.

    Our computer estimates that he will break the launch codes and trigger a missile attack that will destroy the world in exactly six hours. This is the amount of time you will have to complete you mission.

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5080) on Aug 21, 2008.