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Laptick Screenshots (Sharp X1)

User Screenshots

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Alternate title screen
First enemy - the slug-like Packen will try to swallow Vickey
Statue will try to squish the hero, they can also be used as a lift to reach hard to get places
Lithic bumps Vickey on the noggin with a stick
Meleon doesn't move around but he tries to grab the hero with his tongue
He can grab the enemies as well, in this case Beast
The turtle-like Megala making Vickey see stars
Zigola shoots a fireball
When powered up you turn into Super Vickey, during this time you're invulnerable and can kill enemies
Baull jump up and down like a ball, and they also beat you with a stick
And speaking of beating Vickey with a stick, so does Mogola, they can also fling you across the screen
A crystal of snow, aptly named Snow, freezes you on contact
What a way to go...
Game Over
Name entry for score
The names of all the characters in the game and best 3 scores