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Advertising Blurbs

From the back cover (American release):
    When sorcery ruled, and trolls and minotaurs still walked this Earth, a party of six intrepid adventurers set out to find the Nine Rings and use them to destroy the Dark Lord. This is your quest. This is your...


    A multiple-character role-playing game, PHANTASIE transports you to the medieval isle of Gelnor for the adventure of your dreams. You command a group of one to six characters with such roles as monk, priest, wizard, ranger, thief, or fighter. Your companions need not be human; they may be gnomes, elves, orcs, or lizard men - just to name a few exotic races.

    With this motley crew, you search the lands for the Nine Rings to help you wipe out the scourge of Gelnor - the Dark Lord and his evil minions. You'll map out new terrain, explore maze-like dungeons, solve puzzles, learn spells, gain experience, and battle countless monsters. In every town you visit, you can recruit new members to replace lost or unneeded comrades.

    Beautiful Hi-Res color graphics and a spell-binding storyline suspend reality and launch you into our magical world. No computer-carrying adventurer will want to miss out on the glorious excitement and enchanting experience that is PHANTASIE.

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Sep 13, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    The old man said:

    "Since the Great Invasion by the evil sorceror Nikademus, the Isle of Gelnor has been terrorized by his merciless Black Knights. (The citizens of this land hold such fear and emnity for these intruders that it has even overshadowed their hatred for each other).

    "To maintain their reign of terror, the Black Knights travel form town to town, demanding sacrifices and homage. 'Though they travel in small bands, no Gelnorian can yet claim to have defeated one.

    "Any unfortunates who are spied by these evil ones must surrender all their money or die. Worst still, the Black Knights may bring the wrath of the gods upon those who oppose them. Few are willing to take the risk."

    Defeating the Black Knights and destroying Nikademus is just the quest you need to win your fame and fortune.

    Contributed by Trixter (9117) on Jan 02, 2000.