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Riglas Screenshots (Sharp X1)

User Screenshots

Sharp X1 version

Title screens
Short explanations
Getting started. You see a DOG
Different kinds of people. And a couple of DOGS, too
Rural area. A DOG just left
The hero is chasing ladies! Oh, and there is a DOG behind
Lovely Russian-like view! DOGS everywhere, too!
I see some DO... no, wait...
Desert area. I think there are no DO... ok, never mind
Talking to a NPC. In front is a DO... Maybe a cat?
More adventurers? Great!..
Oh, the magical tree of life!!.. ... actually I have no idea what it is
Genetic twin-producing laboratory!!... ... again, no clue
She says: "Great!"
Oh wow, I love the... art
More cool places and characters
Desert area
Weird guy in front of the gate
Egyptian-like view behind
Killed by a sandworm
Hmm, what is this?..
Is this a pixie?..
Strange modern urban area
Mysterious monks
Mysterious statues
Guys, I can't take it anymore...
Is this your grandmother?..
Mysterious entrance
Lovely view
Even better view. Hostile wizards
Is this an exercise?..
Hindu-like people are around