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Super Mario Bros. Special Screenshots (Sharp X1)

User Screenshots

Sharp X1 version

Title Screen
The Hudson Bee can be found on the first level of World 1, picking it up gives you 8000 points
Found the Starman
Fire Mario looks like Luigi in this version
Underwater level
Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high...
This is one glitchy 1up, as you can get stuck in the block if you happened to jump on the Koopa Para Troopa at the same time
With this Wing Mario can briefly swim in the air. It can be viewed as a predecessor to the P-Wing, which first appeared in SMB3
Lots of Coins to collect
Looks like Mario will need to refresh his barrel jumping skills as Barrels make a return appearance, there's also a Hammer - the same power-up from Donkey Kong
Up the beanstalk
From the original Mario Bros. there's Icicle, it can be defeated by fireball
Just so you know who developed this game
Another returning enemy from Mario Bros. - the Fighter Flies
Sidestepper crabs (also from Mario Bros.)
Oh great, it's that Lakitu guy...
Bullet Bill
Underwater firebar? Huh?
Here's another enemy from original Donkey Kong - Fire
These are the kind of lifts that drop, so don't hang around
Donkey Kong reunion - Fire and Barrels
This part is rather tricky, timing needs to be spot on
Picking up this Clock adds 100 seconds to the timer
Last level features a couple jumps where you need to jump right at the edge
The final battle with Bowser