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F-15 Strike Eagle II Ad Blurbs (Sharp X68000)

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Advertising Blurbs

From the manual:

    The pilot glances up at his HUD to verify his suspicions. It's true: the ,anian SAM battery at Bushehr is still active - the computer says it fired the SA-12 that almost took off the wing of the fighter.

    The pilot rolls the jet over into a 90° bank and pulls back on his control stick, causing the screaming Strike Eagle to angle left in a deep turn that sends the G-counter to the max. The pilot taps a button on his console to arm his AGM-65D "Maverick" missile and a small square box appears on -ne HUD showing the ground location of the enemy radar-the Maverick already sees the target. The SAM radar at Bushehr, 30 klicks away, pops nto view on the tracking camera CRT.

    Just as the box on the HUD changes to a circle, indicating the Maverick can hit the target, a horn sounds in the pilot's ear, and a tiny red light on the console begins to flash. A burst message appears on the HUD: MIG-29 firing AA-10.

    "So, the Russians are getting involved in this little party too!" The pilot taps another button and the range of his scanning radar expands to show the enemy MiG behind him about 20 klicks. At that moment the close proximity klaxon begins its chirping -the missile is only seconds from impact. The pilot squeezes the trigger to release a chaff cartridge and swings into a tight right turn. The missile flies through the chaff and out the other side only to discover that the sleek Strike Eagle has disappeared.

    The pilot rolls the fighter upside-down and pulls the stick all the way back, causing the fighter to power dive then level oft 180° from its former heading. The MiG is there, right in front! The pilot quickly taps the button to arm an AIM-9M "Sidewinder." The tracking box appears around the enemy jet and immediately becomes a circle. As the Russian pilot frantically jerks his stick back to climb away, the Sidewinder finds the underbelly and explodes, sending the MiG to a fiery explosion 15,000' below.

    But before the enemy jet slams into the ground, another horn sounds. The message on the HUD now is: SAM radar at Bushehr firing SA-12.

    The pilot rearms his Maverick, circles around so that he's flying perpendicular to the approaching missile, and begins to turn toward it. The missile turns too, but the pilot gradually tightens his turn until the missile can't keep up. It rushes harmlessly past the Strike Eagle's tail. Now the fighter turns toward Bushehr with a vengeance.

    One hundred-twenty miles away, high above the Middle Eastern plains, an American AWACS detects two MiG-21s taking off from the runway at Bandar Khomenyi and shoots a burst of encoded data to the Strike Eagle flying over the Persian Gulf. The message is unscrambled and appears on the HUD where the pilot makes a mental note to expect more company. He switches his tactical radar display to long range and begins tracking the progress of the MiGs.

    The oil facilities at Kharg Island are slipping beneath the aircraft now as the pilot adjusts his heading to bore in on the enemy SAM site at Bushehr. As he crosses the Iranion coastline his tracking box changes to a circle and he launches the missile, which has made an electronic snapshot of the target with its video-like camera and will fly directly into its center.

    Before the Maverick hits the target the pilot heads back toward AI Hufuf. He pulls his Strike Eagle into an upward half loop to gain altitude so he'll have the energy advantage on the MiGs he's been watching. He arms an AIM-120A AMRAAM and gets ready to fire.

    The MiGs are 40 klicks away now but coming on fast as the Strike Eagle continues climbing. At 25,000' the plane levels off, heading directly for the two MiGs. A horn sounds and another message appears; two more MiG-21 s are taking off, this time from Bushehr. Maybe it's best not to challenge all of them, but then...

    The pilot launches a pair of AMRAAMs, then reaches over and hits the afterburner switch. There is a sudden explosion as fuel is dumped directly into the chamber and the Eagle leaps forward. The pilot pitches the nose down and begins to dive, gaining even more speed.

    With a resounding crash, the Eagle breaks the sound barrier, as first one, then the other AMRAAM finds its mark. By the time the last MiGs reach the wreckage, the F-15 Strike Eagle will be home.

    Contributed by 80 (6537) on Aug 11, 2003.

MicroProse Entertainment Software Catalog (1992):
    If you liked the first F-15 Strike Eagle, you'll love F-15II. The classic game of aerial combat roars back to life in the 90's, loaded with fast action and vivid graphics that make MicroProse the leader in combat flight simulations.

    Contributed by ClydeFrog (10541) on Jun 22, 2000.