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Knight Arms: The Hyblid Framer Credits

16 people (11 developers, 5 thanks)


Game DesignKotori Yoshimura (Tux.Yoshimura)
ProgramKotori Yoshimura (Tux.Yoshimura)
Graphic DesignTakaharu Matsuo (Biopark Matsuo), Ryo Yoshimura, Tooko Kamuna, Jua.Yamashita
Music ComposeToshiya Yamanaka
Sound EffectsToshiya Yamanaka
Music AssistOsamu Nagano
MarketingNaotaka Taira
Title DesignRyo Yoshimura, Kotori Yoshimura (Tux.Yoshimura)
Package DesignTakaharu Matsuo (Biopark Matsuo)
Package IllustlateClark Kent
Manual EditTakaharu Matsuo (Biopark Matsuo)
Manual IllustlateTakaharu Matsuo (Biopark Matsuo), Kotori Yoshimura (Tux.Yoshimura), Ryo Yoshimura
Advertisement DesignRyo Yoshimura
Special Thanks ToTakeshi Miyazono, Seiichi Ikiuo, Hososyuppan Planning Center, Showado Printing, Million Enterprise Co. Ltd.
ProduceYasuo Fuku
©1989Arsys Software Inc.

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