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Military Madness Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

User Screenshots

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Intro is the same as in the PC Engine/TG16 version, only in color here: 21st Century... Mankind has extended it's territory to the moon, and the extracted resources are added to the Earth's resources
Guicy Empire (Axis Empire in the TG16 version) wants to monopolize the moon's resources
On April 6, 2089, the Guicy Empire's army launches an all out attack and captures most of the moon
People who learned of the MOA project (changed to S.A.M. in the TG16 version) planned on escaping the prisons. Their goal was to reach the MOA missile's launch site - Base Nectaris
Now, the future of the planet Earth is in your hands...
Main menu
Manual/tutorial menu
Stage 1, unlike the PC-98 port which features higher res graphics, this one runs at mostly the same resolution as the PC Engine/TG16 version
Map 1, notice the different frame around the game map compared to the original release
S-61 Bison tank stats and info
Battle scene: S-61 tanks vs GX-77 infantry
Game Over sequence: On May 18th, 2089, the battle of Mare Nectaris ended in a sweeping victory for the Guicy Empire
Battle stats, "Union" became "Allied" in the TG16 version