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Shangrlia Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

User Screenshots

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
A mysterious cat...
...leads us to a mysterious dude
The war at Hyunckel
You can access all the battles from this castle
All the generals together
You make acquaintance with the girls
The leader of the fighters is rather timid
Can you lead us to battle with such hair style?..
One of the simpler scenarios. Open space, reduced enemy forc
Our cannons hit enemy horsemen with their ridiculous mime-like leader
The ninjas take care of these fighters
Placing units is important. Let's go with dragon riders here
She looks smart. She commands archers, too
This area has bridges and therefore tighter space for manoeuvring
Battle of the birds! Duking it out near a town
Our archers attack enemy dragon riders in the water
Stony scenario with islands
Can you believe that this modern-looking girl is the leader of the ninjas?..
Mages vs. cannoneers
Initiating our turn. Movement range
She has purple hair, and yet she leads the fire dragon riders
Hmm, maybe ninjas would help here?..
Our horsemen vs. enemy magicians
A forest scenario
A lonely lancer against a pack of enemy ninjas!
That's a lot of red. Fitting for the general of the cannoneers, too
This one is hard. A mistake is fatal
Another tough scenario. Check out all their birds...