Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
The game starts as a nightmare of Dr. Watson.
221b Baker Street
Sherlock Holmes and his inseparable pipe
Probably one of the very few color-rich images of the game.
Although controlled as a FPS, the game has some reminiscences of point and click adventures.
The case starts with the dissapearance of Baowpa, Captain Stanwick's butler.
Ritual signs are all over the game.
As obliged by the investigator cliche, the magnifying glass will aid us in our research.
Also using the microscope will reveal some clues.
Another usual set in Sherlock Holmes' games: the lab.
The map screen
An English marine pub
The inventory screen
Say "cheese".
A bit of cleaning, good for every investigator.
Cthulhu, indirectly one of the main characters in the game.
The classic "Victoria Regina" bullet holes in Holmes' apartament.
Our two heroes in a train
The main hall of the Black Edelweiss, a psychriatic centre
In this sanitarium we will spend quite a lot of our time.
Lightning is not the best aspect of the game...
Be careful not to be taken for one of these.
Watson keeps a log of every document and event in the game.
A dead bird. You'll see things worse than this.
Good disguising is only at reach of a few.
Guess who this old friend is...
To see if we paid enough attention, we get asked some questions about the plot from time to time.
The American state of Louisiana
Luckily my parents weren't here at this moment...