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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box (General Admission) - DOS (US):

    The Tin Terror!!

    The death rattle of the Allied forces becomes all the more distinct; these are the darkest hours of the century, and the deciding conflicts of the War. WW ll's fiercest battles involved thousands of tanks. Now you can command one of those thousands. Think you can make a difference? In the sweeping wasteland of war, the laws of civilized man no longer apply. Are you cunning enough? Are you ruthless enough? Anything is possible.

    Fast 3-D graphics with authentic tanks and weaponry set the scenario. Accurate landscapes and sound effects only heighten the realism of your battles. Actual WW II battles will be fought with you commanding a formation of Sherman M-4 attack tanks.

    Battle in the Normandy campaign leading an offensive against General Guderian's elite Panzer division. Defend a strategic river crossing against an onslaught of German Tiger tanks along with their crack infantry men. Battle Rommel's Panzer units in the extreme heat of the desert. They're just part of the action awaiting you as you step into the M-4. Remember that the battle-weary eyes of a world desperate for liberation rest on your battalion.

    Frantically send the jeeps out for reconnaissance and radio headquarters for immediate support. At any moment the German offensive is coming right through your position. Will you hold or will you take to higher ground? The choice is yours. commander.

    • Progressive difficulty level in each campaign
    • Lead a formation of Shermans into battle
    • Participate in battles at Normandy, Ardennes and in the desert
    • Struggle with realistic weather conditions
    • Destroy the Nazis and liberate Europe

    Contributed by jean-louis (55333) on Apr 29, 2020.

Back of Box (Action Sixteen) - Amiga (UK):


    Sherman M4 plunges you into the intense action of World War II's most famous battlefields using fast 3-D graphics.

    This highly acclaimed simulation features realistic World War II campaigns, authentic tanks and weaponry, together with accurate landscapes including France and North Africa.

    Using your jeeps for reconnaissance, command four Shermans around the battlefields to victory!

    ACE RATING 825

    Contributed by jean-louis (55333) on Apr 28, 2020.

Back of Box - Atari ST/DOS (FR-UK):


    Des mois de recherche historique pour le réalisme, des années de travail d'équipe pour une animation en 3D à vous couper le souffle, voilà sans doute la meilleure simulation de chars. Ce jeu retrace les combats de chars célèbres de la IIe guerre mondiale : débarquement de Normandie, les Ardennes avec l'ultime assaut des blindés d'Hitler, la chasse au "Renard" dans le désert. Une pléiade d'options est à votre disposition : Le nombre de Tanks, l'état des troupes, la logistique alliée et ennemie, le niveau de réalisme. Une superbe réalisation, des techniques nouvelles d'affichage en 3 Dimensions ... Voilà la nouvelle génération des logiciels de simulations.

    Months of research and development have gone into this game, and the result has to be the best 3D Tank simulation ever. This game plunges you into World War Il's most famous battlefields - the Normandy landings, Hitler's assault on the Ardennes, and Rommel's baffles in the African desert. Select your preferred level of difficulty, choose a mission, and prepare to take up the challenge of a new generation of simulation software.

    Contributed by jean-louis (55333) on Apr 28, 2020.

Digital Integration Limited-Action Replay jewel case release:
    Sherman M4 plunges you into the intense action of World War II's most famous battlefields.

    This highly acclaimed simulation features realistic World War II campaigns, authentic tanks and weaponry, accurate landscapes and fast 3-D graphics. The Sherman Tank is renowned for its sterling service for the allies during the war. Now you have the chance to get to grips with this ugly brute and recreate history. You have the choice of three challenging campaigns: the Normandy landings; Hitler's assault on the Ardennes and Rommels's battles in the heart of the African desert. Mount your offensive and prepare yourself for fast and furious ground warfare. Use your jeeps for enemy reconnaissance and command four Shermans around the battlefield to victory.

    -- Back of Action Replay (Digital Integration Limited) jewel case release.

    Contributed by Gamera (231) on Aug 30, 2004.