Shin Gōketsuji Ichizoku Tōkon: Matrimelee Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
How to play
Player select
Fight starts
Tornado power
Big hammer
Before fight
Spinning jump
High stress level
Low kick
Old Ume fights good
In the ground
Back attack
Poor Clara
Olaf has strong kick
Mirror match
Lynn uses kung-fu
Nice, warm pants
Fire attack
White grabs Olof
Retaliation kick
Flame attack
Super move
Fight in shop

Neo Geo version

Title screen
Character selection
Pre-match screen
Before that Tane strikes back him, Kanji performs quickly his projectile-based move Libido Attack.
Hikaru does her swinging-based blow Cane Circle simultaneously to Saizo, that only performs a punch.
White performs his move Charging Buffalo against Clara: could she have sufficient time to avoid it?
Anny takes advantage of Lynn's open guard and gets to do accurately a grabbing maneuver against her.
Through his move Doggy Dive, Poochy attempts to hit-stop Shintaro's kickin' offensive successfully.
Olof attempts to hit-damage Elias with his attack Acid Rain, but his kickin' offensive is blocked...
Chinnen using his Blade Kick simultaneously to Reiji with his projectile-based attack Thunder Globe.
Through his move Lightning Flash, Keith Wayne attempts to protect himself of Jimmy Lewis' air punch.
In an attempt to avoid Shintaro's Power Dunk Shot attack, Tane performs the Enabler Guard maneuver.
Keith's counterattack fails and now, he's totally susceptible to Clara's weapon move Hammer Blow...
Demonstration match with Chinnen in a defensive posture: Saizo's move Blue Flame Slice is in action!
Post-match screen.
Clara's counterattack fails: this creates a nice opportunity to Reiji Oyama execute his diving kick.
Could Poochy's move Flying Ear Slap be able to hit-finish successfully Keith Wayne's kickin' attack?
Shintaro taking a perfect timing to connect his Stress Shot attack Lucky Novice: Buntaro was beat...
Hikaru attempts to hit-injury Buntaro with her move Leap Crush, but he escaped from being damaged...
White Buffalo counterattacking an offensive Kanji Kokuin with his flaming attack Flying Elbow Blow.
Anny Hamilton performing her kickin' attack Strong Anny Dynamic against a defensive Gouketsu Ume...
Jones performing his Arc Fliegan attack simultaneously to Clara, that does her move Air Vacuum Spin.
Through his Super Bicycle Ride attack, Shintaro gets to cause a successful kickin' damage in Olof...
Even with the time expired, Reiji attempts to hit White with his Ippatsu Ougi move Giant Tiger Roar!
Through his Stress Shot attack Great Bear Assault, Poochy strikes back Saizo's Dragon Flash Bomb...
P1 Chinnen's move Freeze Curse Card traps P2 Chinnen in the air: now, he does his Oro Ball attack...
White Buffalo performing his Stress Shot move Totem Of Ashes during Tane's Stress Scream activation.
Kanji Kokuin and Buntaro Kuno deciding who's the best in a button-pressing match (Bloodline Battle).
Hikaru being accurately air-spin-damaged by Anny Hamilton's Stress Shot attack Psychedelic Throw...
With some luck, Chinnen roll-avoids accurately Princess Sissy's box-djinn-based attack Misdirection.