Hugo's House of Horrors Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

The beginning - This is where Penelope was last seen!
About Hugo's House of Horrors
Inside the House of Horrors!
Ways to die in the House of Horrors # 142 : Get zonked by your local Mutt

Windows 3.x version

The shareware release starts with this screen
The game starts here with a typical point and click interface. The game plays in a non-resizable window. There is no full screen option
Picked up an item by clicking on it
Opening the inventory increases the size of the window
Inside the house where there are lots of rooms to explore
A lot of the rooms open in a smaller area of the screen than the main hallway and outside locations
The kitchen is decorated in 60's retro chic, joking aside there was a time when this colour looked cool
The external locations usually fill the window
Game Over!
yes you can die in this game
The in-game help file opens in a new window

Official Screenshots

  • Hugo's House of Horrors Screenshot Clockwise from top left we see the opening screen where Hugo arrives at the house where his sweetheart Penelope was last seen entering on a babysitting assignment. Alas the door is locked, nobody is answering and he is wondering how on earth he can get inside. Aha! Once through the front door he arrives in the hall to see the mad professor Dr. Hamerstein heading for his laboratory upstairs. Hugo decides to scout around before following him. In the third shot Hugo is about to tangle with a particularly nasty pooch. Is it curtains for our hero or does he have the wherewithal to deal with it? Finally Hugo finds himself in a room full of hungry monsters plus one pesky butler that just won't leave him alone. Will he get the chop or can Hugo turn this seemingly hopeless situation to his advantage?
    Official website.
    The first four screen shots are from game one, Hugo's Horrific Adventure.