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Timequest Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Starting location
Map mode
Inside the interkron
Meeting Caesar and Cleopatra
Meeting Cleo once again!
You can talk to characters about all kinds of topics, whether plot related or not. A little chat about god or religion is always possible, for example.
We arrived in a cave near the city of Baghdad in the year 1215.
Visiting the city's bazaar.
The fates of the characters you encounter are sometimes lucky, sometimes sad.
You even have a chance to see one of the world's seven wonders, before it gets destroyed.
Peking in 1215: the city is besieged by Genghis Khan and his army.
Among others, we disturb the ceremonies of Buddhist monks...
...and Aztec priests!
Whether you're killed or worshipped is sometimes just a question of the right costume.
Arriving in Cairo
Medieval England
Sir Winston Churchill himself
Exploring China in 1361 BC. There was no Peking at that time!.. The game teaches you about some commands
Hmm... This DOES look like a city built at a much later time period. Definitely anachronistic
Now this is more fitting - the Forbidden City was already an established feature in the 18th century
Dover looks too civilized and modern during its clearly prehistoric times...
...but things do change over the course of time! Not much, though - this architectural upgrade is all they have achieved in 3000 years!..
Visiting the Stonehenge. Looking at it
A tavern in England. The innkeeper is the same guy for 3000+ years - impressive life span! The game reacts to my inappropriate sexual attempts
You found a conch shell. You take it. You put it back. Wee!..
An example of the game NOT reacting too well to my attempts at interaction...
Mexico cannot be visited during all time periods. It's a more restricted area generally, and not much changes there
Rome, on the other hand, is one of the game's livelier locations. These sewers welcome you during all time periods...
...except before the foundation of the city! The glorious Rome wasn't yet built in 1361 BC. The rat is still there, though...
In one of the game's most memorable scenes, the royal children of Egypt find... Baby Moses!
Rome in 1940. The picture doesn't change much; the descriptions do, naturally
You pretend to be a janitor to foil the plans of those two infamously nefarious characters
It's 452 AD - Huns are determined to attack Rome. I'd imagine this Hun a bit more Asian than the way he looks in this game...
In Attila's hut, you meet the great Pope Leo I, who single-handedly prevented the invasion
It's refreshing to visit the center of Christianity at that relatively early and less corrupted time. There seems to be nothing to do here, though
Look how much fancier the whole place looks during the corrupted Renaissance. Another Pope Leo is here - but that must be Leo X, so remote from his saintly namesake!..
Ahh, what wouldn't you do to save Europe? I guess you don't care for China's fate... Then again - it's a natural impulse
You'll need to solve puzzles in other places and times to get past those soldiers
Queen Elizabeth! Your Majesty!.. Can you please not persecute Catholics?! What's that - I'd better talk to Queen Mary?.. ... ... Ouch. Touche
You are one step away from completing the prehistoric Mexican quest. Can you do the right thing in this very suspenseful moment?..
Oh my, it was a pain in the neck to find my way through the very tricky maze and discover this crucial costume... it's a tough game!..
The famed coronation of Charlemagne in 800 AD. To make him accept the crown is one of the game's hardest, most ingeniously convoluted tasks!..
Baghdad wasn't even remotely there at that time. At least the description is apt
So is this Baghdad or is this Babylon? Come on, they weren't in exactly same location!..
The Tower of Babel is, in fact, one of the final screens in the game. You can access it right in the beginning with the proper password. But the endgame is locked until you solve all the quests...