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Steve Meretzky's Spellcasting 301: Spring Break Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Introduction continued
Introduction continued
Starting location
You should see the graphics in Naughty mode!
Operating the magic carpet
Commencing Chapter One
Arriving at the hotel
Finding your room at the hotel
An in-joke for fans of Planetfall!
The Judge sets the ground rules
Playing in Map mode
Playing a game of Blueberrystains Huemaze
At the casino, you can play the squat machine...
...Or blockjock to replenish your gold
You'll only visit your room briefly and then be out of college for good in this game. Activating the Naughty mode is accompanied by a funny new message
Hotel lobby. This screen has nice watercolor-like effect to it
At the pool. You decide to try a gay life style. The game reacts to that!..
The game has many varied locations. This desolate beach is one of them...
Weightlifting is the first event in the competition
A rare full-screen shot advances the plot
You don't play this game to see old men!..
An atmospheric empty road... where does it lead?..
Cliff edge. Sorry, I had to try and type that!.. And look how the game reacts...
Entrance to a mysterious cave
Visiting a groggery with cartoony characters
Another chapter-starting screen
Village market. There are quite a few screens in the town
A melancholic scene... even kissing the workman doesn't really work
Hardware store. You try to figure out what to buy
Interesting colors. The game retains the funny message it displays when you type in something it doesn't understand
Oh wow! This looks impressive...
Police station
Meeting an old friend
A Fatally Wounded End?.. I liked this one
Ouch... I wanted to have one at least in a video game!..
Volleyball is one of the contests you can win by trickery and spellcasting
The conversations are somewhat underwhelming
So there it is!.. Depending on when you pushed those things off the carpet, they'll end up in different places!
Grocery store
Hillary is apparently having sex with 200+ students... That's... sad, as a matter of fact
Meeting a mermaid