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Virtuoso Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Mission intro screen
Sometimes you just gotta walk around Mars in your leather.
Some enemies splatter blood.
Down in the Martian catacombs
Since you're playing a game about playing a game, defeated enemies shower points.
Lose your life and you'll de-rez out.
Haunted House level. Sidestepping a snowball.
Health powerup on the ground.
Marine level. Starts on a beach.
Gunning down gulls and crabs.
A giant walking snowman enemy. Cause that's metal.
Find the hidden key to unlock the next area.
Front shot of our rocker stud.
Get close to walls and you'll scoot along them for absolutely no benefit.
Map powerup reveals the level layout.
What appears to be Spiderman on a motorbike.

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Set-up screen
Load game screen
Mars mission
Fighting on Mars.
Blew 'im up real good!
Hugging the wall.
Blew 'em up real good!
One big bug