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Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Select your type of character
Distributing skill points to modify your character stats. Note the new acrobatics skill
An uncomfortable wake-up
Walking the tightrope
Swamp, with interaction icons displayed
Town gate
Erana's Peace
Near Adventurer's Guild
Your Room
Thieves Guild
Gate to the dark castle
The hero meets the beautiful Rusalka
Having a conversation with the Rusalka; she makes a rather tempting offer
Combat: the wizard can shoot fireballs at enemies like this Revenant, that roams through Mordavia's woods at night
The game has a day/night cycle and some events can only happen at certain times of the day. Here the hero meets a ghost in the forest during the night
Only magic users can get the mana-reviving mana fruit (with the fetch spell) in Erana's Garden, one of the few places in Mordavia where it is safe to sleep
Even heroes need to eat every now and then (or else they lose stamina) so buy some avocado-garlic sandwiches at the General Store. You can also have dinner at the inn when you're hungry
Showing off my juggling lights spell to the gypsy & the wolves. They're not terribly impressed
Inside Dr. Cranium's laboratory you'll have to solve several puzzles. This one requires you to guide the baby antwerp through the maze to get the key
Discussing the benefits of science with Dr. Cranium, one of the many NPC's in this game
Combat: A fighter attacking a wyvern with his sword. The green health bar means the wyvern has poisoned him
There is no shortage of puns in this game. Btw doesn't that chicken-hut look familiar?
By reading the tarot cards Magda the gypsy queen can give you some clues about what the future has in store for you
This gnome has lost his sense of humor (and thus will tell you a lot of bad jokes). Helping him get it back makes a fine job for a hero
The hero finds out that the green goo has made the path rather slippery
A conversation with Katrina - she seems just a local girl at this point...
An example of the bar showing time of day - now it really looks impressive
Another conversation: the fairy queen
Another conversation: Bonehead
The crest of Borgov family
The hero probably doesn't realise he's being watched...

Windows 3.x version

Cut Scene: A Strange Dream
In-Game: The Town Gate At Night
In-Game: Erana's Garden
In-Game: The Secret Basement