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King's Quest Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The title screen.
The start of the game. Standing outside of the castle.
Near the castle doors.
Inside of the castle.
A hall in the castle.
Graham meets with the king.
The king's quest.
A fire breathing dragon guards the mirror.
Walking along the countryside of Daventry.
Looking at my diamond pouch.
The old gnome. Can you guess his name?
Inside the candy house.
The candy house.
There are many trees along the countryside.
A walnut tree.
Inside the woodcutter's home.
Outside of the woodcutter's home.
Graham can swim as well as walk.
Checking out my new ring.
A stairway leads up here.
Graham is in the Land of Clouds.
Walking along the Land of Clouds.
The Land of the Clouds.
A giant guards the treasure chest.
A giant eagle soars above.
What is down in that hole?
A mushroom!
Down in the hole.
A tunnel.
A large rodent guards the door.
Graham enters the land of the little people.
The king of the little people guards the shield.
How can I fit through that little hole to get out of here?
The help screen.
The inventory screen.
The goat pen.
Near a river.
Walking over a bridge.
A clover patch.
Near a nice little lake.

Apple II version

Title Screen
Graham must leave the security of his castle behind.
The king's castle.
Castle hallway.
Hallway continued.
Throne room.
King Edward gives you a mission
Don't go near the water -- Graham can't swim!
Hmm... wonder what's in the well...
Fairy casts a spell
Troll blocks the bridge... how did that fable go again?
A bridge.
Goat pen.
Country side.
More country side.
A rotten log.
A log cabin.
Talking with the poor folks who live in the cabin.

Apple IIgs version

The title screen.
Starting the game outside of King Edward's castle.
Stay away from the water! You want to make sure the alligators in the swamp don't eat you!
Inside the castle.
Walking to King Edward's throne room.
The aging King Edward.
Goat pen.
Look out! It's a wolf!
Looking at an inventory item.
How do I get across the river to get the mushroom?
Outside the woodcutter's home.
Inside the woodcutter's home.
Save menu.
Drop down menu.
Looks like they could use a good roof job.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Starting location
Visiting the King
King Edward gives you a mission
You can examine objects you find up close
Swimming in a lake
The gingerbread house
Patch of clover
Graham finds a helpful friend
Graham encounters an old gnome (what's his name again?)
The woodcutter's humble house
Taking inventory
Climbing the giant beanstalk is harder than it looks!
Graham meets a big, bad wolf!
The dragon lies deep beneath the earth
Near a large tree.
Climbing up the tree.
Near a river.
A stone bridge is here.
A nasty little grump guards this bridge.
A door is here.
I'm trapped!
Walking along.
Title screen (Monochrome)
Starting screen (Monochrome)
The castle entrance (Monochrome)
The king (Monochrome)

DOS version

Title screen
The King sends you on your quest. (EGA/Tandy)
Starting location: outside the castle
King Edward's story
Exploring the wilderness
The troll bridge
An interesting tree
Very impressive graphics for its time (EGA/Tandy)
Captured by the witch! (EGA/Tandy)
Graham finds a well.
Climbing up the rope in the well. (EGA/Tandy)
Swimming into the water under the well. What's that Coke can doing down here?! (EGA/Tandy)
The fierce dragon! (EGA/Tandy)
Looks like the way is blocked!
Walking along the countryside. (EGA/Tandy)
Graham climbs a tree, and sees a giant golden egg! (EGA/Tandy)
A carrot. (EGA/Tandy)
What's behind that locked door? (EGA/Tandy)
A clover patch! (EGA/Tandy)
Nice day for a swim. (EGA/Tandy)
The house made out of candy. (EGA/Tandy)
Near a raging river. (EGA/Tandy)
Ouch... that was some fall into here! (EGA/Tandy)
A giant rat blocks the door! (EGA/Tandy)
I got my goat with me! (EGA/Tandy)
The gnome, his name is really tricky to figure out... (EGA/Tandy)
Climbing up a giant beanstalk. (EGA/Tandy)
A giant guards the treasure chest. (EGA/Tandy)
Walking down stairs. (EGA/Tandy)
Title screen (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Title screen - CGA
outside the castle - CGA
an alternate CGA palette
watch out for the ogre - CGA
near a river - CGA
Castle hall (CGA)
King (CGA)
Forest (CGA)
Goat (CGA)
Well (CGA)
Time to swimming (CGA)
Troll on bridge (CGA)
Title screen (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Starting location: Outside the Castle (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
The castle hall (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
The King (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Walking through the countryside (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Swimming (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
This fairy will be watching me. (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
The troll can't let me cross his bridge! (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Title screen (Hercules graphics)
The game begins. (Hercules graphics)
Entering a command. (Hercules graphics)
Bowing to King Edward. (Hercules graphics)
King Edward's story (Hercules graphics)
Ready for questing! (Hercules graphics)

Macintosh version

Title screen
About King's Quest
Starting the game
Walking around
Going for a swim

PC Booter version

Title screen (CGA composite mode)
In front of the castle (CGA composite mode)
Exploring (CGA composite mode)
A troll bridge (CGA composite mode)
Yet another bridge... (CGA composite mode)
Title screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
Begin the game outside the castle (CGA with RGB monitor)
It's a troll bridge! (CGA with RGB monitor)
Hmm, a house; what are the odds of something dangerous being inside? (CGA with RGB monitor)
Don't fall into that well... (CGA with RGB monitor)
IBM & Sierra logo (original PCjr release)
Title screen (original PCjr release)
The King's castle. (Original PCjr release)
Hallway of the castle. (Original PCjr release)
Walking along the red carpet. (Original PCjr release)
King Edward the aging king. (Original PCjr release)
The King's Quest hence the name of the game! (Original PCjr release)
What's under this rock? (Original PCjr release)
Pretty scenery. (Original PCjr release)
A rotted log. (Original PCjr release)
Getting a carrot from the carrot patch. (Original PCjr release)
A large tree. (Original PCjr release)
Graham finds a large golden egg. (Original PCjr release)
A pen. (Original PCjr release)
The goat. (Original PCjr release)
Clover patch. (Original PCjr release)
A little elf - do you make cookies? (Original PCjr release)
A door in the side of the mountain. (Original PCjr release)
Captured! (Original PCjr release)
Walking along the river. (Original PCjr release)
A bowl. (Original PCjr release)
Walnuts. (Original PCjr release)
Graham vs. Nasty Troll. (Original PCjr release)
Flowers. (Original PCjr release)
Going for a swim. (Original PCjr release)
There's a small hole in that rock. (Original PCjr release)
How can I cross the river and get that mushroom? (Original PCjr release)
Cabin. (Original PCjr release)
The woodcutter's cabin. (Original PCjr release)
Inside the cabin talking with it's owner. (Original PCjr release)

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
The ailing king
Graham, look out!
"Nobody stands in Graham's way. Wait till I have my goat with me"
Graham just helped the poor by giving them a bowl of fruit
Inside the witch's house
Graham goes inside the mountain...
...and up into the clouds
The giant is carrying one of the treasures
A bird carrying Graham in the air
A rat blocking access to the doorway
Puff the Magic Dragon blocks another one of the treasures