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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro in-game animation
Main menu
Player setup
Kurn, Worf's brother, provides you with sarcastic mission briefings while expressing his distaste for pretty much everybody and everything
Master Korek is Da'har Master of DuSaQ To'kar and leader of the Honor Guard and thus your boss
Like in Voyager: Elite Force, the first level has you in a training mission fighting holographic opponents, in this case rebels in the volcanic caves underneath the city of Tong've
Hand to hand combat with a D'k Tagh, or Klingon dagger
Inside a slum on the Klingon homeworld. A fellow female Honor Guard trainee gets sliced up by the locals
On the icy penal colony of Rura Penthe, a couple of guards do battle with a boulder-tossing Ro'ped ice beast
On Rura Penthe, the Andorian convict miners help you battle the prison guards
Vaporizing a enemy... today is a good day for SOMEONE ELSE to die
The Rura Penthe Warden sics his pet Ro'peds on you
Chasing after the Warden... I have no idea what P'taq means, but it can't be that bad if the Klingons use it so darn often
A brief boss battle against the Warden
Qualor II, just another hive of scum and villainy
Getting funky at an Andorian disco. Fortunately, the dancers have no beef with you, but the bartender tries to kill you for no good reason
Are you 'blue', or just 'blue-curious'?
Getting into a bar room brawl aboard a space station (notice the cloaked Lethian)
Fighting on the bridge of an Andorian freighter
Shootout with Thress, the leader of the Andorian smugglers
The scorpion-like Tar Chop are pests, but they can be dangerous in large numbers
Step into my office... the exterior view of the klingon cruiser is 'real'
Klingon Honor Guard has tweeked the Unreal engine to allow the game to throw many, many enemies at you without lagging up
Shootout in space on the ship's hull... enemy bodies spray pink blood as they go spinning off into the void
Floating in space outside of a Klingon Battle Cruiser... This is a bad view, it means your magnetic boots have failed and you're drifting out into deep space
A zero-gravity boss battle against Captain Krax on the bridge of the Klingon battleship
Klingon pain room... If you thought college hazing was bad...
Some honor guard trainees beam in to help you fight the House of Duras' army
The rocket launcher sends your enemies flying
Showdown with Lursa and Betor, the infamous Duras Sisters
The Klingon Honor Guard are faster, more cunning, and more heavily armed than the previous opponents you've faced, and unfortunately they don't like you very much anymore
Korek's Palace contains many familiar landmarks from the game's opening animation
Korek is protected by his army of Honor Guard bodyguards... Korek's a big guy, even by Klingon standards