King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
The start of the intro.
Intro: King Graham is in trouble!
Intro: Graham's cap lies on the floor forgotten.
Intro: King Graham is gravely ill.
Start of the game. On a beach in the land of Tamir.
Walking along the countryside of Tamir.
The fisherman's home is in the distance.
The fisherman's home.
Inside of the fisherman's home.
On the dock.
On the island that holds Genesta's palace.
Walking in the garden of Genesta's palace.
Outside of Genesta's palace.
Inside of Genesta's palace.
A stairway in Genesta's palace.
Genesta's bedroom.
On the beach near Genesta's palace.
A swam swims in a pool in the garden of Genesta's palace.
I found a feather!
A stone bridge.
The frog turned into a prince!
A graveyard.
A spooky old house.
Inside the spooky old house.
Is that a picture of Roberta Williams on the wall?
In the kitchen of the spooky house.
More of the graveyard.
A waterfall.
Outside the dwarves' mine.
The dwarves' tree home.
Eating with the Seven Dwarves.
The dwarves' mines.
Deep in the dwarves' mine.
A musician sits on a log and plays a tune.
A pool with pillars.
Outside the orge's home.
You died... Roberta says thanks for playing though.
Swallowed by a whale!
A little island.
Jump through the swamp!
Woods at night.
Woods at night.
Shore at night.

Apple II version

Title screen
Part of the introduction / credits
Introduction sequence
The game begins here
Brief scene description
I found a unicorn!
Whoa, avoid this giant!
Nice pool...
Hmm, wonder what's at the end of this pier?
Examining a bridge...
A spooky old house
Having a meal with the dwarves
A house built into a tree!
Found the dwarves mine
The royal family.
Inside the old mansion.
What's in this room?
A secret passage!
Up the stairs.
Organ room.
Dining room.
Old kitchen.
Near the mountain.
The evil villain, She's mean and she's green.
Watch out! Flying bat things!
Getting escorting by bat guards.
You know... A few curtains, and this place might not be so bad after all...

Apple IIgs version

Title screen.
Introduction: The Royal Family gathers around King Graham as he is about to toss his adventurer's cap into the air.
Introduction: King Graham should have bought that life insurance policy after all.
Introduction: King Graham on his sick bed.
The starting scene.
Drop down menu.
It's a unicorn, Charlie! A magical unicorn!
Stone bridge.
Description of the area.
Fancy pool.
Near a house.
The fisherman's house.
Inside the fisherman's house.
On the wharf.
A minstrel.
Near the mine entrance.
Heading up the pathway to the mountain.

Atari ST version

Title screen
From the intro
King Graham is sick
A talking mirror
The starting location
Thanks for the advice
A unicorn
That looks inviting
A cosy cabin
That was the end of my adventure
Entering a command
I wonder if this house is haunted?
This house have really seen better days
Playing the organ
Oops, I slipped
That's got to hurt
Title screen (Monochrome)
Credits (Monochrome)
Introduction (Monochrome)
Intro 2 (Monochrome)
Starting position and entering command (Monochrome)
Walking (Monochrome)
Genesta's castle is on that island.
A peacock.
Genesta's castle.
Entryway to Genesta's castle.
You can tell that Genesta is the good fairy - her castle has hand rails!
Genesta is sick in bed.
A minstrel.
Fisherman's house.
Inside the fisherman's house.
Fancy pool.
The dwarfs' mine,
Flying freaks!
Captured by the mean green Lolotte.
A stream.
The dwarfs' house.
The dwarfs' bedroom sure is messy!
Here come the dwarfs to eat.

DOS version

SCI: Title screen
SCI: Intro
SCI: Intro
SCI: Intro
AGI: Oh no!
SCI: A musician
SCI: A house on the sea
SCI: Inside a house
SCI: Swimming
SCI: Ganesta the fairy that brought you here is getting weaker by the minute...
AGI: Exploring the map
AGI: Title screen
AGI: Credits
AGI: Introduction
AGI: Opening Screen
AGI: A sad moment
AGI: Intro continued
AGI: Help from afar
AGI: Rosella is unwelcome...
AGI: Genesta turns you back into a princess
AGI: Edgar turns into a handsome prince and proposes to you
AGI: Well, as they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away
AGI: A stream
AGI: Walking along the country side.
AGI: The seven dwarfs' house.
AGI: An old run down mansion.
AGI: A waterfall.
AGI: The dwarfs' mine.
AGI: A spooky old house.
AGI: A tree house.
AGI: There is a palace on that island.
AGI: Inside of Genesta's palace.
AGI: Walking up a stairway inside of Genesta's palace.
AGI: A swamp.
AGI: On a small island.
AGI: Rosella plays an old organ.
AGI: Inside of an ancient crypt.
AGI: A kitchen inside of Lolotte's castle.
AGI: Outside of Lolotte's castle.
AGI: First task from Lolotte
AGI: The creepy forest
AGI: Charming the snake
AGI: Rosella inside the whale's mouth - one of many inter-game references
AGI: "-Aren't you afraid to walk through a graveyard at night? -I used to be - when I was alive!"
The famous "Beam Me" Easter egg - unfortunately exclusive to the AGI version
Manual protection check (EGA/Tandy)
AGI: the fisherman's house at night; the sea looks even better in this version, it's so dark and uninviting...
The dwarves' house at night - it's worth checking out how places change after nightfall
Another night view: the creepy forest - it looks better at night
(AGI) Title screen (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
(AGI) Credits (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
(AGI) Intro (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
(AGI) Starting off (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
A unicorn across the stream (CGA w/Composite Monitor)