Eternam Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Tracy, your only friend. She's stuck inside a computer and communicates via this monitor
The start of the game
Extreme close-up
A friendly local offers some advice
People are (sometimes) happy to help
Little shack
Inside the Duke's castle
Hmm...Now which door should I take?
A lone pilgrim
The peaceful town of Middleville, on the island of Dorsalis
Castle entrance
Cartoon violence never hurt anyone, right?
A revolution is brewing
Walking up to the Baron's front door
Map room
One of Dorsalis' twin barons
The local tavern
Strongman on display
The hi-tech island of Stomaca: The future is now
A meeting of the brains
Don Jonz poses in the elevator
The end of the highway
Walking on the moon
Yikes! A talking skeleton!
Outside the pyramid
A breathtaking reconstruction of Egypt's past
The guillotine is only one of the many gruesome ways you can die in this game
You can score some smuggled goods here
You can board the ferry only if you have permission from both barons
Walking to your certain doom?...
A baron's residence - aren't these posters a bit un-eighteenth-century? ;)
The baroness communicating with your greatest enemy!
City of the future - it doesn't look very different from the present, we just don't have robot servants hovering over the floor ;)
Stuck in the future
A bit of (captive) nature in this technical world
A reptilian harem (including one human female)

FM Towns version

Title screen with appearing and disappearing fragments
Skipping that animation leads to this screen
Planet Eternam has an interesting shape of continents...
Tracy, your trusty side-kick
Starting location in 1st-person 3D exploration
One of the many ways to die in the game: by drowning
Hmmm... nice... errr... animal skin?..
Conversations have cool cartoony close-ups
Night descends. strange structures ahead
Castle entrance
Zoomed-in view with a skeleton
Cartoony violence!..
Lots of people to meet in the castle
Err... hello?
Characters have expressive faces
A meeting in a bar
Dragons flying over French flag
Surreal landscape
Don't bother me!
You even meet a cute little dear :)
Town entrance
Busty painter

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