The Fool's Errand Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro Title Screen
It was a dark and stormy night...
Is that Death?
The High Priestess
Enter the Fool
The Fool converses with the Sun.
Copy Protection Screen
The Game Title Screen
You'll be seeing a lot of these texts.
The Sun's Map Metapuzzle
"Strength" is a jigsaw puzzle.
"The World" is a word search.
"The Hermit" is a trail following game.
"The 98 Enchantments" is the first of four "Book of Troth" puzzles.
"The Star" is a polyomino puzzle
"The Empress" is a crossword puzzle.
"The Moon" is a word masking puzzle.
"The Queen of Swords" is a word square puzzle
"The Devil" is a cryptogram.
"Death" is a game of reflexes.
"The Wheel of Fortune" is a card game where you aren't given the scoring rules.
"Justice" is an on-off switch puzzle.
"Temperance" is a set of anagram puzzles.

DOS version

Prologue Title Screen
Prologue Scene
Prologue Scene 2
Title Screen
The Story Begins
The Sun's Map
The Hanged Man
High Priestess
The Lovers
The Star
Wheel of Fortune
Sun's Maze

Macintosh version

Title screen
The story begins
The Sun's Map
The Wheel of Fortune? More like "The Card Game of Fantasy!"
The World
The Hierophant
The Moon
The Star
The High Priestess
The Hermit
The Devil