Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon Screenshots

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Amiga version

Sierra presents
Title screen
Two Guys from Andromeda
Alien inside spaceship
Caught in alien tractorbeam
Insert Disk request
Starting point
Acme rocket and star wars fighter
Going to elevator
Jump off conveyor belt
Deceleration Trauma.You are dead.
Ingame help screen
Operating machine
Typing command
Inside tunnel
Picking up important cargo
There is debris everywhere
There is a hidden exit somewhere
Isn't that my ship?
Inside the Aluminum Mallard.
Ship status.
Fester's World o' Wonders!
Arriving at Monolith Burger.
Monolith Burger.
There's all sorts of aliens here at Monolith Burger.
And you thought teenagers with acne was bad...
Astro Chicken arcade game.
On the planet Ortega. Watch out for the Scum Soft employees.
A giant machine.
A huge base.
Getting turned into jello by Scum Soft jerks.
Scum Soft cubicles.
Scum Soft ship yard.
There's more than one way to by-pass a security door!
It's the Two Guys from Andromeda! And they're stuck in Jello!
In the Nukem Dukem Robot stadium.
Elmo fills us in on the rules of the game.
Nukem Dukem Robot sequence.

Atari ST version

Title screen
The Two Guys from Andromeda
Starting location
Scrutinizing inventory
Navigating with the environment through the text parser
Spot the hidden exit!
There's my ship, the Aluminum Mallard, amongst some very silly detritus
Roger changes colours in the shade!
Going up!
I've got to get off this conveyor belt
Operating heavy machinery
Look out, coming through!
A typically sympathetic death message
You see a lot of these kinds of screens in a Sierra game, doubly so in Space Quest
Blasting out of the freighter!
At the controls of the Aluminum Mallard.
Arnoid wants to terminate us!
Weird rock formations on this alien world.
It's Fester Blatz - and he runs a shady tourist trap.
Haggling with Fester.
Being threatened by Arnoid.
Sign? What sign?
That ship looks familiar!
Docking at Monolith Burger.
Looks like your average fast food clerk.
A decoder ring!
Astro Chicken arcade game.
Landing on Ortega.
The lava world of Ortega.
A giant device.
Watch your step!
Pestulon has some weird formations.
MacGyver moment.
Wearing my invisibility belt to sneak inside ScumSoft.
Halls of ScumSoft.

DOS version

Title Screen
The Developers
Beam me up Roger!
Where am I?
Roger Wilco in a big pile of garbage
One of the elaborate death messages early in the game
The junkyard is the first and by far the largest area in the game. You explore every corner and bring up the menu
The game reacts to words it doesn't understand
Riding an elevator
A recurrent death screen - you feel off something
Roger is driving a cool pod. He shouts... and that's what the game says to that
Yuck! Rats are staring at you!..
The control panel of your spaceship
Scanning the galaxy and selecting the destination
The Terminator Arnoid is hunting you!
Roger encounters a giant snake on the planet of Phleebut
In front of the World O' Wonders
Chatting with Fester, who sells stuff to tourists
A dramatic full-screen scene with Arnoid!..
Hmm, what are we doing now, Roger?..
You suddenly feel craving for some space junk food!
Welcome to Monolith Burger!
Eating a meal at Monolith Burger.
The hilarious seller at Monolith Burger
You can actually see the menu at that place!
The famed Astro Chicken arcade game - title screen
Astro Chicken in progress
Roger arrives on the volcano world of Ortega
Some equipment left behind by surveyors
Roger finds himself in the midst of a huge machine complex
Such scenes appear when you travel from planet to planet
Roger arrives at Scum Soft headquarters
Sneaking into ScumSoft using an invisibility belt.
Door of ScumSoft.
Extra large sprites for this hallway sequence
Infiltrating Scum Soft, disguised... as a janitor
Uh-oh... I didn't see this coming
Mini-game: giant mecha fight!..
The Guys from Andromeda are discussing the game!
Nearing the end of the game. Fight in space!
Title screen (CGA - 4 color mode)
Starting your adventure in a garbage freighter. (CGA - 4 color mode)
There's an Acme rocket here. (CGA - 4 color mode)

Macintosh version

Space Quest III - Title Screen
Aboard the Junk Freighter
Tube of Junk Freighter
One of the numerous death screens
Look a Tie Fighter, one of Wilie Coyote's Acme rockets and the Jupiter 2
A bucket-lift
Aboard the Grabber
Your trusty ship the Aluminum Mallard
Aluminum Mallard's computer
You ship escapes the Junk Freighter
Arnoid, an android from the Gippazoid Novelty Company
planet Phleebhut
Arnoid is annoyed
Phleebhut is a desolate place
Monolith Burger
Rush hour
Employee of the Week