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Space Hulk Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Type of missions selection
Before each mission there are two types of briefing. General one that is rather trying to embrace you with the story...
... and more detailed one with a map that is focused on this particular mission.
Main action game screen. You can see different windows in which you can see what your terminators see. You can swap between the windows.
Instead of action game in pseudo 3D environment, you can play tactical one on the 2D top view map.
A fire is deadly for enemies, but also for you.
Depending on the mission you may control more than one terminator or even more than one squad of terminators.
After some crucial missions you will be rewarded.

DOS version

Main Menu
Mission Briefing
Mission Briefing
Close to a Gene Stealer
Squad Select
Weapon Select
Tactical Screen
Campaign Mission
Game won
A trap

PC-98 version

Title screen
Mission briefing; Japanese text and English voice acting
Mission briefing
Being reduced to 16 colors really doesn't do the game any favors
Tactical screen
Mission debriefing
Squad select