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Corporation Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Creating hero
Choosing weapon
I don't think I will need it
Shooting at the door
Another wall
Finally - some enemy!
Come closer...
He is not pretty - that's for sure
They are attacking from above!
More enemies

DOS version

Title screen
Roaming creature from intro
Selecting your character judging by their attributes
Evil robot ahead!
Take that, you bad, bad cyborg!!!
There are surveillance cameras all over the place
The graphics really aren't that stunning
You can stare at the stars at any time
A robot. Not very impressive, but it's not hard to be killed by it
Game Over

Genesis version

Title screen (as Corporation)
Title screen (as Cyber-Cop)
Selecting new character
Starting the game
Spotting an enemy
Blasting an enemy