Martian Gothic: Unification Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The crew of three descends to Mars in a space pod, a scary narration provided by Mood.
The three approach Vita Base during a sandstorm, and Mood is expecting their arrival.
Main Title
Kenzo Uji
Oh, a zombi...
X to use, then pick from the interaction menu
Diane finds a weapon
Press Select at any time to switch characters.
Kenzo prowls the empty halls.
Doors need consumable tags to open.
Search the dead for items.
Move items between limited inventory and containers.
Resident Evil style camera angles.
Well now that's spooky.
Computer interface.
Jumped by the reanimated dead.
Use vacuum tubes (on the wall) to pass items between characters.
Was she one of the lucky ones?
Hallways are littered with debris.
What do you think the odds are he's gonna pop up and attack?

Windows version

Your first encounter with an undead crew member.
One of the three heroes, holding a dart pistol.
The inventory screen.
There are a lot of unpleasant sights on this station.
No, let go! I'm not in the mood!
The station's biodeck is huge.
Relaxing in the water, huh?
At least he died releaved.