Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Character selection
Just the beginning, in front of the sheriff's office
One of two main streets in Spielburg
At the courtyard in the castle.
In the caves
At the bottom of the wizard's mountain
Into the forest
Work in the stables

Atari ST version

When the mouse icon turns into this little monster head, it means to sit tight -- the computer is thinking! Usually otherwise it will be a dashing sword.
A not unreasonable request. But surely they would make exceptions for video game historians!
Start menu
A game-customized company logo
Title screen
Feisty one, isn't he?
Choose your character's class!
Customizing a new character (the thief allows the well-rounded jack-of-all-trades)
Starting location
Beginning inventory
Sierra's typical pull-down menus
Internal clock for the game world! This game has a day / night cycle.
You'll be seeing a lot more of these guys in the sequel.
The character is moved with the arrow keys, but most other instructions are typed in like so. My character is now running!
Most of the game's more important quests appear posted here on the bulletin board in the Adventurer's Guild
Outside the town
The healer's hut to the right, the castle ahead!
Petitioning at the gates of the Baron's castle.
Beautiful vistas break up monotonous forest. (I especially like the reflection!)
Not all forest encounters are random
The dreaded Antwerp, which cannot be safely dispatched by conventional means.
The seed-spitting Spirea spores!
Not just a good place to practice throwing...
Rumour has it there's a mandrake growing here
Sneaking through the woods
The sneaking didn't help me evade the attentions of a random encounter, a brigand plaguing the valley
This brigand is about to run me through!

DOS version

Title screen for the initial release (still called Hero's Quest)
Title 2
Main Menu
Choosing a character
Picking name and assigning numbers
Entering the city
The inn
Erana's Peace
Fighting a giant
Fighting a bear
Don't drink the dragon's breath!
Casting a spell
The castle
A cave
Cleaning the castle stables for 5 silvers
Visiting Zara's magic shop
Talking to Wolfgang Abenteuer, the Guild Master
Looking for work on the bulletin board at the Adventurer's Guild
Visiting 'Enry the hermit
Thrown out of the Aces & Eights by Crusher for asking too many questions
Tripping on magic mushrooms
The thief can break into some houses and steal valuable items
Fighting hordes of goblins at the Goblin Central Combat Training Zone. A good way to improve your stats
Playing the Mage's Maze game against Erasmus
At night, creepy ghosts roam the town's graveyard
The chief thief is ranting inside the Thieves' Guild
Turned into a stag by the dryad. That's your punishment for hurting a creature of the forest
Having a conversation with Heinrich the centaur
The healer's hut - a personal opinion: it looks much better in the EGA version
One of the game's Easter eggs
Erasmus' home - another place I liked better in the EGA version
And another Easter egg - a reference to "King's Quest 4"
Baba Yaga's hut (inside)
Baba Yaga's hut (outside, at night)
The brigand leader
Since some adventures take place in the night, I started checking out how places look after nightfall: the street...
...the healer's hut...
...the field...
...the castle...
Just an underground cave in pretty EGA colors

PC-98 version

Uh-oh. I knew I should have ordered that 'Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School' guide to oriental languages...
Try, try, try to understand... he's a magic man.
And let me guide you to the purple pants.
Japanese messages / English subtitles
English messages / Japanese subtitles
Oh... 'EYE' see what you did there.
"Eh? Let me tell you about the time I mistook the can of green spray paint for shaving cream..."
The graffiti problem in this town is getting WAY out of hand...