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Future Wars: Adventures in Time Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo
It never rains but it pours
Who's gonna win?
Those guys have problems...
Title screen
The adventure begins
First step done, you're inside the building...
A swamp in the year AD 1304.
A forest.
A medieval village.
Near a large tree. What's that hanging from the tree?
Inside the inn.
Inside the castle meeting with Lord Torin.
Looks like the monastery is guarded by a wolf
Inside the monastery.
The head of the monastery.
The cellar of the monastery.
The monastery has some nice stained glass windows.
Rescuing Torin's daughter, but is this girl really a medieval princess?
Back to the Future!
Earth AD 4315. Looks like this city got bombed out...
This whole city has been wiped out...
Boarding a subway train.
Boarding a futuristic airplane.
An Earth ship has captured a Crughon ship.
Earth AD 4315. Standing before the Council.
Well, I can't argue with that, now can I?
Timeline: Ancient Earth... You and Lo Ann stop a Crughon ship and Crughon storm troopers.
Checking out the Crughon ship.
The Crughon ship is taking off.
Onboard the Crughon ship.
Leaving ancient Earth abord the Crughon ship.
Warping through time aboard the Crughon ship.
Inside of the Crughon space station.
The ship has docked. The guards come aboard to check out the ship. Thankfully, you have an invisibility pill.
A storage room on the Crughon space station.
Running to find the control room on the Crughon space station.
The Crughon space station control room.
Running through the halls of the Crughons space station.
The Crughon space station.

Atari ST version

From the intro
Title screen
The starting location
Office building.
Inside your boss' office.
Medieval village.
Inside the inn.
Tree in the forest.
The monastery is guarded by a wolf.
There's a beautiful girl held captive here.
The head monk has passed out. Now you can search though his stuff.
Fancy stain glassed windows here.
A touching reunion.
But time travel is impossible... Isn't it?
The future! Looks pretty bleak to me.
Searching through the bombed out ruins.
Sewer system.
Outside a futuristic building.
The subway system of the future!
Boarding an aircraft.
An interesting cave structure.
Arcade sequence - blast the aliens.
Inside the alien ship.
Alien ship.
Ship taking off.
Leaving the earth.
16 bit graphic warp, Scotty!
Alien space station.
Docking bay.
Cargo hold.
Running to save the world!

DOS version

Delfphine Sofware company logo
The Title Screen
Them aliens got laser cannons!
The story begins: Our hero at work.
The command line at the bottom shows your action.
The game is *very* [email protected]#$%^&* about correct positions.
Stranded in a medieval swamp.
On the bottom left is the command pop-up.
A village in the year 1304.
An inn in medieval times.
Meeting with Lord Torin inside of the Castle...
How did that habit get in the tree in the first place? :-)
Inside of the monastery. Something odd is going on here, and you need to find out what it is!
Nice stain glass windows there have here.
In the cellar of the monastery.
The room of the father superior. He's a mean old chap.
Add water to electric wolf, let dissolve.
Uh, damsel in distress!
Ménage à trois?
The future, 4000-something. Looks grim.
The whole future city seems to have been bombed out...
The sewer system of the future!
A future building...
Riding on the subway of the future.
"This is an unscheduled hijack!"
The airport.
These Croughons are all knocked out.
Landing the space ships.
A futuristic firing squad.
You team up with Lo Ann a secret agent from the future to stop the Croughon threat.
Title Screen (EGA/TANDY)
You and a pretty agent from the future travel back in time to stop the fiends.
Mowing down a bunch of alien troops.
Let's see if we can get this thing to take off...
All right! We're outta here!
Crougon space station. (EGA/TANDY)
The Croughon space station orbiting their home world.
Yes, this place is big.
OK, can you now avoid getting caught by the guards?
Sneaking around the space station...
The main control room...
Starting the game... Another day in the life of a janitor! (EGA/TANDY)
Medieval village. (EGA/TANDY)
Bombed out city of the future (EGA/TANDY)
Title Screen (CGA)
Getting yelled at by your boss. (CGA)
Medieval village. (CGA)
The future... Doesn't look too bright at the moment. (CGA)
Croughon space station hanger. (CGA)

PC-98 version

The intro...
...turns into the title screen
Getting started
Got into your boss's office...
Command menu. Let's see...
Oh no, the ceiling is going to crush me!