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Interstate '76: Nitro Pack Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Historical background info while installing the game
Selecting the graphics mode
Taurus after slamming through a gate (intro)
Taurus, seriously messed up (intro)
also starring ... (intro)
Seventies TV-show style movie (intro)
Title screen / main menu
Options menu, really fits the theme
Selecting a car & a scenario (the ones highlighted in green have been completed)
Customize your car in this menu
Setting the weapons restrictions for a multiplayer game
Racing against Drinky the Clown at the Thrill O'Rama race track (D3D)
There's a map for every scenario
Mission objectives, this time it's a standard escort mission
Escorting a tanker truck (D3D)
The ambulance is one of the new cars, it's a life-taker not a life-saver (D3D)
Now that's something you DON'T want to see in your rear-view mirror (D3D)
Dropping landmines - rear bumper cam (D3D)
using the binoculars to zoom in on a bus (D3D)
New in Nitro: multiplayer racing. Truck-racing anyone? (D3D)
At the drag strip (D3D)
You're on the wrong side of these flamethrowers pal! (D3D)
I think the night mission are a bit too dark (yes of course you can adjust the gamma correction, but then everything looks very ugly) (D3D)
Nitro introduces grass textures, actually all those deserts were becoming a bit boring (D3D)
Blown into tiny pieces... (D3D)
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a Ford Mustang after a HUGE jump - fan-made-map (D3D)
I'm on that creeper's tail, ready for the kill (D3D)
Deliviring a headshot with the .45 (D3D)
The long jump event was created by Interstate fans (D3D)
Repair & reload at these buildings during melee battles (low. res. software mode)