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Maupiti Island Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
"Home sweet home."
The garden
The old colonial trading post

Atari ST version

DOS version

Title screen
The well - this is the scenery which made me think: wow, I have to try such a beautiful game...
At the swamp
The garden
The swamp - EGA version looks good too.
Anita's room - come on, do Communists really keep posters of Lenin in their rooms?
Talking to Madame Maguy
The saloon during daytime
The saloon in the evening - compare how much the colors change...
The kitchen and bar in EGA
This surprisingly childish-looking room seems to belong to Sue.
One of the cabins on the "Bamboo"
This cabin belongs to Jerome's "neighbour" on the "Brisbane"
Jerome's cabin in the evening
Jerome's cabin at night
The garden at night
Exploring the basement. Most objects will "reward" you with such a laconic description...
...or, worse, just politely tell you to stop trying...
...and in best case will react with such artificially-feeling humor
Out on the pier. Opening the locations menu
Nice tropical atmosphere. Opening the "self" menu
Talking to one of the characters. Selecting whom to talk about. Gossiping is actually the core of the game
Another dialogue - this time displaying the other available actions from a menu
You can follow any character all over the island
Hmm, are you sure you want to memorize this?..
Looking at a calendar
In front of the trading post. Verb menu