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Hook Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

The Story
Title Screen
Tinkerbell appears
Crouching attack
Pan Jumps
Dying Peter
Pan vs. Lost Boy
Pan jumping to next platform
Showdown with Rufio
Rufio acknowledges we're Peter Pan
Stage clear
The map.
Stage 2. Isn't it good to be lost in the wood
Take that you archer!
Game Over screen

Genesis version

Genesis version title screen.
Peter Banning in the intro
There's Hook's ship
Tinkerbell ushers the game in
The game is full of beautiful backgrounds: basically the same as the SNES version.
Managed to get those 2 blue ones
Take out the yellow before approaching the blue
Ready for the water
Underwater Death
There's an enemy at the top of these jumps
Watch the rolling monkey
Game Over
Peter Pan faces Rufio, trying to recover the leadership of the lost boys.
Rufio now accepts that we're Pan
The map
Stage two and we're killing poor hedgehogs
Tree-top action

SEGA CD version

Title screen
You can run...
Smack some kids...
Dive around...
You've lost your powers.
Game over? Nah, you can continue!
"Never-before-seen computer image of Hook's ship"
Also, never before seen image of Hook's letter!
Stage clear screen

SNES version

SNES version title screen.
The SNES version is more colorful than the Genesis one.
15-bit color backgrounds
Introduction [1]
Introduction [2]
Stage 1 - Fighting against the "Lost Kids"
Under water - Stage 1
Game Over
Stage 1
Tinkerbell gives us the "power" to fly
While flying
Level boss Rufio
Stage clear
2. Stage
Going to the next level
Level boss of 2. stage
Victory !
3. Stage
Weapon upgrade