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Wrath of Earth Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Shot from the intro sequence
The Mission starts
Facing a Foe
Main menu
You can play as a male or female character.
Facing another Foe
The mission briefing
Just Exploring
Using Infrared
Checking Weapon Systems
A Look at the Mountains
Entrance to the Mines
Entering the Mines
Firing at the enemy robot.
Nice, I have found a box of rockets.
My shield is almost down.
Using the help mode.
I'm receiving a video message on my monitor.
Hostile locked on!
they conducted some hideous experiments here
a Face Hugger from the Alien movies
one of the more complex puzzles: 6 switches operate 12 force fields, you have to find a way through
standing on a soccer field looking at the mission objective: the transmission dish to be destroyed
cut four power cables to destroy the dish
the game has very detailed graphics: you can even find a pair of shoes, towels and a clip board in the locker room
... or the drain on the floor of the showers
restrooms for humans and ... mmh? Aliens.
the game also contains some Giger-style graphics ...
... or some Doom-style graphics at the outside of the alien temple
some nuclear waste in the waste resyk
... and some just poured outside