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Gateway II: Homeworld Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Intro. Nice view of San Francisco!..
Starting location
The first full-screen scene - there will be quite a few of those in the game
You jump and sing in front of the elevator, even though your condo is under attack. You feel somewhat... foolish
Boarding the Artifact (animated sequence)
The first part of the game takes place on The Artifact - a gigantic spaceship. I find it rather bleak and monotonous compared to the locations of the first game... but I still make the hero dance
Found a dead body in the tram
The "Earth Zoo" inside the Artifact
Playing in Map Mode
You are so happy to discover this Obelisk Room that you kiss yourself. Please... have some self-control
I'm trying some crazy stuff here... But tell me, what's the connection with Larry?!..
You try to kiss lizards in this wildlife simulation. That feels... inappropriate
Trying all sorts of actions with fearsome saber tooth tigers!
You cruelly experiment on those tiny creatures... Come on, dude...
I'm enjoying the view while terrorists are quoting Alice in Wonderland!..
Diana Tolson (sole Artifact survivor)
A full-screen scene on the icy planet. The game's second quarter begins
Exploring the monotonous icy planet. You try to laugh, but end up crying
Conversation interface
Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I'll stop... But note how the game reacts to my insanity!.. ... ... Nice purple cave, by the way
I didn't expect to find this fiery place on an ice planet!..
Part 4 - you are taken to Heechee homeworld!
Exploring a Heechee spaceship. What, no cursing at all?..
Exploring Heechee planet
Exotic Heechee gardens!..
This full-screen image is not animated - text will appear soon
Hmm... the Heechee look very child-like
A nice scene: you are being greeted by a crowd of Heechee...
Somehow, the game's attempts at humor feel noticeably more artificial than in its predecessor...
Exploring the surface of the Heechee planet
An example how events occur as time passes
Heechee scientific device
Temple. You think you should pray... but it doesn't feel natural in those conditions. I wonder whether the Heechee have heard of the Bible...
Great. More of those technical puzzles...
The game's final chapter takes you back to The Artifact - in a somewhat underwhelming fashion...
Another dialogue screen - this time, you try to negotiate with the terrorist, late in the game
You contemplate suicide while terrorists are closing on you...