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Codename: Eagle Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu
Loading screen
Mission select screen
This shows us what we have to do...
... and this too.
Mission start - armed with a knife and all alone in the snow
But hey, there is a guard - he looks very retarded :)
As I said - retarded is the word of the day...
Oops ... I didn't want to kill him, he just... well, ran into my knife or something
The environment graphics suck bad as you see in this shot
A house on the way
What are these? Statues? Noooo wait, they are SOLDIERS!
Another house - simple architecture, though.
And we march... and we march... and we look stupid because the animation sucks so baaaad :)
A pillbox wants to shoot us...
We are inside a hangar on the target airport - but where are these secret documents?
The airport with some guard towers.
Story elements are told with photo album snapshots.
Later in the game you'll get the chance to fly planes...
... and hijack tanks.
No modern FPS would be complete without a sniper rifle and head shots...
... and no game set in Russia would be complete without a Babushka.
Just in case you were wondering, this is Red. The hero. Don't expect to see him in a sequel any time soon.
Firing the light tank turret in multiplayer ...
Getting killed by the enemy when defending the flag in multiplayer CTF
an armoured car with twin machine guns