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Amazon: Guardians of Eden Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

This countdown is the very beginning of the game
Title screen
Chapter I
the story begins...
This is where you start
Your inventory
3d person perspective
Your office: suddenly, 1st person perspective!
On-line hints
Save-load menu
Full-motion video, to be sure!
At home
No pasaran!
"Death" screen
In a high security vault guarded by a robot. (VGA)
The librarian. (VGA)
A cinematic style cutscene. (VGA)
We're flying across the world! (VGA)
An airport in South America. (VGA)
Maybe I can buy a ticket here? (VGA)
In the cargo hold of an airplane. (VGA)
Ok, I need to land this thing! (VGA)
The village of Rio Blanco. (VGA)
In an old rundown hotel. (VGA)
Meeting with Maya. (VGA)
We need to fix that bridge! (VGA)
A trading post. (VGA)
It's your lost brother Allen! (VGA)
The Amazon Queen, hey, I thought that was a plane! (VGA)
Sneaking up on the slave trader's boat by night. (VGA)
I need to save the girl and get out of here! (VGA)
Why does everyone always pull guns on me? (VGA)
Paddling a canoe down the river. (VGA)
A tree house! (VGA)
These guys sure are trigger happy today. (VGA)
Near a waterfall. (VGA)
Over a waterfall, look out below! (VGA)
Oh, great, it's these guys again... (VGA)