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Nerf Arena Blast Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Splash screen
The weapons selection.
Multiplayer setup
The central "hub" of the different arenas -- the Plaza.
Inside the entrance of "The Tribes" Arena.
Okay, so I fantasize about being a Bridge Troll.
Nerf Arenablast features overweight fellows and anorexic waifs as well as your typical athletic types.
The "Secret Shot" pistol launching its payload. It's fun to riddle the walls with these things.
Launching a rocket.
Firing the "Sidewinder" ricocheting disc launcher.
This fellow's about to eat styrofoam.
The winners gloat, dancing, taunting, gesticulating wildly, and otherwise making vulgar displays of themselves. Mildly amusing.
Nothing like shooting your friends around a warm fire.
Taking aim underwater in sniper mode at a hapless swimmer with the Railgun-- err, "HyperStrike" cannon.
On my way to winning the SpeedBlast race by seizing the 7th flag, I stumble into a spontaneous cocktail party.
Ah, the coveted final flag! Victory is sweet.
Showers are provided on the arena grounds.
The scenery, though often garish, is indeed gorgeous in some places.
The different characters respond differently to being knocked out. Some, like this one, lay down on the ground in resignation.
This young lady stamps her foot in frustration.
And this girl simply throws a tantrum.
More unseemly victory antics.
Some arenas are in a pseudo-science-fiction setting.
No game is complete these days without the lunar/orbital planetary view -- Saturn is fine, but Jupiter is, of course, preferable...