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Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Larry 1 bathroom
Larry 1 Start page
Passing the quiz
The bar
Outside the bathroom
The back room
In the lovely lady's room
The lovely lady herself
In the cab
In front of the Lefty's
In the bar
A lady
Another lady

DOS version

Title screen
Before you begin the game you'll have to answer some questions to verify your age. Some of them are rather silly, while others are... pretty important
The starting location outside Lefty's bar: behold the glory of VGA!..
The wacky, comically re-designed Lefty's Bar. Showing the new icon-based interface. Note the moose head being on a different wall than in the original version... you'll soon find out why
Conversation with the drunk in the back room, which now has more detail
In the bathroom. Check out the interesting design of the viewed area
The pimp looks much funnier now. Also, do you notice that the moose head was, in fact, attached to... a real moose?!..
In the lovely lady's room
The lovely lady herself - close-up. She looks decidedly older in this version...
The restarting animation has been fully re-designed
One of the many ways to die is to make a few steps forward...
In the taxi. In the remake you can just select a location from a menu
Outside of the casino
Marriage chapel. Text feedback from using the eye icon
This is a very interesting cursor, indeed...
Store. Getting a generic response from a wine shelf
Uh-oh... This is one of the actions that will lead you to your death in a few seconds. Those actions are pretty varied, too
Quit screen
I'm fairly certain this remake has not only more graphical detail, but also more text. I don't recall this line from the original
You can explore the little alleys if you want - but you'll be beaten up to death if you do
Larry is proudly showing his inventory in the casino
The lounge will have, alternatively, cancan dancers or a stand-up comedian
The dance scene with Fawn in the disco looks hilarious in this remade version
You've met Faith, who looks really different in this remake. What will you do now, Larry?..
The re-designed, 256-color Fawn. She's a man-eater...
Playing blackjack in the casino
Playing the slot machine in the casino
Another likely addition - I don't think this picture was even present in the original version
Title screen - 16 color version (EGA)
Lefty's bar - 16 color version (EGA)
At the disco - 16 color version (EGA)
At the casino - 16 color version (EGA)
In a hottub - 16 color version (EGA)