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Amiga version

The MacNeill Bros, and Sierra present...
The animated introduction.
Title screen and credits.
The start of the game.
Outside of your house.
An old family photo.
Walking the streets.
Outside of the post office.
Inside the post office.
Outside of the newspaper building, where you work.
Inside the newspaper building.
Outside of the stage travel agency.
Inside the statge travel building.
Some stores.
In the grocery store.
In the hardware store.
At the docks.
In a warehouse.
Looking at a poster in the warehouse.
Getting on a stage.
Here comes the ferry.
Taking a ride on the stage.
At the wagon camp.
Walking around in the camp.
An overlook of the plains.
Keep them wagons rolling!
At a steep cliff.
The oxen go down to the river for a drink.
The desert, and I'm really hungry and thirsty!
Sutter's Fort in California.
Inside of the fort.
There are several shops inside of the fort.
An overhead map.
Walking along the California countryside.
In a town.
Walking along in the town.
A hotel.
In the hotel.
Sutter's mill.

Apple II version

Animated introduction
A Great American Hero...
Gold Rush!
Copy protection check.
Start of the game in Brooklyn, New York.
Outside your house.
Inside your house.
Walking down the street.
NPCs walk down the street and one does yard work.
City park.
At the docks.
A poster for a steamer.
Inside the bank.
Outside the post office.
Inside the post office.

Apple IIgs version

Intro screen.
Animated introduction.
Gold Rush!
Starting the game in Brooklyn, New York.
City park.
Outside the bank.
Drop down menu.
Getting hung... My last words... RICHARD NIXON LIVES!

Atari ST version

Intro shot
The MacNeil Brothers and Sierra present...
A great American hero...
Animated intro.
Title screen.
Start of the game in Brooklyn, New York.
In front of my house.
In my house.
Walking around the neighborhood.
Streets of Brooklyn.
Inside of the post office.
Outside the bank.
Inside of the bank.
Outside of some stores.
In the hardware store.
In the food store.
At the state couch company.
Outside of a livery.
At the newspaper building. This is where you work.
At the docks.
A poster.
Leaving New York harbor for Panama aboard a ship.
Traveling the world.
The jungles of Panama.
Natives attack you!
Going through the jungle on foot.
A river in the jungle.
Panama City.
Sutter's Fort.
A coral in Sutter's Fort.
Inside of Sutter's fort.
Mules in the fort.
A small graveyard outside of the fort.
California countryside.
Sutter's mill.
A small town.
Outside of a local hotel.
Hotel lobby.
Hotel hallway.

DOS version

The MacNeill bros. present
Title screen and credits
An american hero...
Dreaming of adventure!
First screen
Your house
Outside the bank
In the bank
On the waterfront
In the warehouse
Walking around town.
Down by the river side.
Inside the fort.
Sutter's Fort.
Talking with a shop owner.
Hey, buddy, wanna buy a mule?
A cabin.
Water! I need water!
The camp.
The Green Pastures Hotel.
Ledge walking for fun and profit.
Inside the secret hotel room.
Inside the hotel.
Climbing through dark tunnels...
Intro (Hercules graphics)
Title screen with credits (Hercules graphics)
Game beginning (Hercules graphics)
An old family photograph
Waiting to sell the house
Harbor of Rio de Janeiro - it's hard to imagine that in mid-19th century people really sailed around the whole South America to get to California...
The sea is dangerous around Cape Horn (probably the highest number of random deaths from the player's point of view)
Arrived safely at Sacramento (I guess Jerrod is already in the building, but finding him at this screen is a minipuzzle itself...)
Heading off on a stage coach.
Taking a paddle boat up the rivers of Panama.
Going on foot through Panama.
Leaving New York on a ferry.
Trekking through the jungle.
A grave yard.
Entering the tunnels.
A locked door!
Intro (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Title screen (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Game start (CGA w/Composite Monitor)

Macintosh version

Sierra presents
A great American hero
Title screen
Starting the game in Brooklyn
About Gold Rush
In the park
Outside the bank
At the pier
Inside the bank

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