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The Prophecy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro screen presenting... the main protagonist.
The Elders sent you on a quest...
... to get rid of mad wizard Kraal.
You start in your hut.
There is a lab in the back.
The crypt.
The bridge. The path blocks Kraal's minion.
The dragon that you need to defeat.
The beach near the Volcano Island.
You are in prison.

Atari ST version

From the intro
The starting location
Your two servants: Uki and Orbi
That didn't work
It's nice with some help
That was an ugly one

DOS version

Ohkram, Ween's grandfather (from the intro)
Kraal, the evil sorcerer (from the intro)
The Revuss, the hourglass of power (from the intro)
The Guardian (from the intro)
Ween, the hero
Title screen
Uki and Orbi, your twin servants
Urm, your vampire bat friend
Urm only helps you if you feed him
The seal you have to open
Trouble under water
Do dragons eat cherries?
Using the icon bar
Urm has been turned to stone...
The queen monster
Petroy can help deciphering messages
Accessing the inventory
Near the end Urm isn't much help
The ending screen if you fail...
...and the ending screen if you succeed
Some game credits
European title screen