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System Shock Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Main Menu
FMV intro: a hacker's work is never done... (CD version)
FMV intro: undergoing a cybernetic enhancement surgery (CD version)
The start of the game (320 x 200 mode) - Level 1, Medical
The same scene (640 x 480, fullscreen mode)
Viewing an e-mail. You'll unravel the scary truth about what has happened on this space station, piece by piece...
Being attacked by a Serv-bot! Careful!..
A surgery machine. Patch yourself up - and continue the exploration!
Outside the healing suite
Encountering a humanoid mutant in another room on Level 1
In the elevator. Ahh, that soothing music!..
In full-screen automap mode, you can write and erase notes on the map to remember where the important places are
What are those things? Whatever they are, I'm sure my gas grenades can make short work of them!
Cyborg drones. Great. Well... I'll right-click on you if you so wish
Fancy energy weapon fire effects, lit markings on the floor, weapon list... life seems to be alright after all
Using your sensaround while witnessing a somewhat... strange scene on the floor in front of the elevator
Impressive death screen...
A scary cyborg greets us. Dude, gray is the new gay, okay?
A corner of one of Citadel's research labs
A dark, moody corridor... Expect to see lots of those in this game
Cyborg conversion
It's quiet at the moment, meaning a mutant is probably just about to jump on me...
Plug yourself into a cyberspace terminal, and enter...
...cyberspace! (picture no. 1)
Cyberspace (picture no. 2)
Lever, hardware list, target scan, strange machinery - all somewhere on Level 2
Cool corridor structures, some weapon info, automap to the right... what else do you need in this life, friend?..
Slowly dying from radiation poisoning in a contaminated area. Proudly displaying your software doesn't seem to help
Massacre on Level 3! No wonder I have no more ammo for that Magpulse...
Not just any mutant, but an AVIAN mutant! It's a good thing that I walked into this storage room with my trusty laser rapier unsheathed!..
An example of interactivity: pushing this crate into the abyss by repeatedly hitting it with a pipe
Looking down. You'll need to do this sometimes on those vertically-structured levels. Gamma correction is upped a bit, otherwise it's too dark in here, and my lantern ran out of power...
I like that! Lots of items lying around just for me to grab them. Ready to use that healing patch whenever needed!..
I've destroyed one of those electronic SHODAN screen faces. But the other face got angry and summoned robots to kill me... No, really!..
Tell me who your enemy is, and I'll tell you who you are. Those hapless bots give me good supply of electronics for the next month
Oh, my! Look at that! Someone is accustomed to high living standards!.. And look Mom, I have Jump Boots! Wee!..
Mysterious face trying to talk to me, logs, data, night vision activated... I knew I should have taken that trip to Bahamas instead
Civilization, look at that!... Interactivity: throwing dynamite around. The game comments on the carpet. General inventory is displayed
The game has quite a few disturbing scenes... Money, naked bodies - in such a gruesome context...
Level 6 is my favorite in the game. Lots of varied scenes - including this scary display of corpses, organic and cybernetic alike...
Only Level 6 has such cute little areas! Look, trees! Aww, I miss home...
I can't even crawl through space normally!.. Immediately, those strange-looking robots attack me!
Level 7: lots of red, even the dead cyborg was wearing red pants... The area is illuminated by the fire from my weapon for an instant - captured that effect
Level 8. Looking up! Oh, wow... Talk about vertical structures!..
More Level 8, more vertical structures - are you sure you know where you are going?..
I certainly haven't expected such a naturally-looking cave area... Where are we heading, hacker?..
Level 9 - the game's final stage. Back to electronics. Fearsome enemies. That kind of thing. I can view retirement in a more favorable light now

Official Screenshots

  • System Shock Screenshot
    Origin/EA digital catalog
  • System Shock Screenshot
    Origin/EA digital catalog
  • System Shock Screenshot
    Origin/EA digital catalog