Neuromancer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

You start off by waking up in some spaghetti
You cant pay the man so
You get arrested
You are sent to the justice booth
Your P.A.X system tells you of news and messages
Sell your body parts at the body shop
A lady of the night
A cheap hotel
I wonder whats in the temple
The priests worship the game Pong

Apple II version

Title screen
Entering my name
Starting out
I'm under arrest for not paying my tab!
Uh oh, I'm in court!
In Larry Microsoft's store

Apple IIgs version

Title screen.
Starting location.
Robots can be pushy.
A high security zone - just the place for a hacker!
The Matrix Restaurant.
Crazy Edo's store. He looks crazy alright.
The streets of Chiba City.
The cheap hotel.
The PAX system.
Checking out the city news online.
Donut world which is a cop hangout.
Larry's store.
Near the pawn shop.
Holographix... is that kind of like the Turbo-Grafix?
Walking the streets.
The House of Pong is before you.
The House of Pong home to a bunch of weirdos who worship an ancient video game.
Looks like someone shouldn't have played with gasoline and matches...

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Waking up on a plate of spaghetti
The body shop
Checking out a Bulletin Board through the PAX system.
Robots enforce loitering laws in the cyber-punk future apparently.
Outside of the Body Shop.
You need to get your deck out of the hock.
Accessing the file menu.
Cheap hotel.
I'm sure that Blue-Rays are long forgotten technology by this point ...
Finn's shop.
Walking the streets of Chiba City.
Edo's Used Hardware Emporium.
Checking out what's for sale in this shop.
The House of Pong... Not to be confused with the House of Pizza, or the House of Pancakes.
Nolan... That name seems familiar for some reason.
Donut World - A cop's hangout.
The Matrix Restaurant.
Ruins by the side of the road.
High security area.
Gentleman Loser.
Locked doors mean nothing to the clever computer hacker though!
Space port.
On a space flight.
Freeside space dock.
Space dock hallway.
Exploring the space dock.
Bank of Berne
Bank lobby.
Secured area? Not after I hack it!
Sometime it's easy when your choices are made obvious...
Deane's office.
In the Microsofts store.
It's the court system of the future! Since it is the 2050's, I'm guessing that Judge Judy retired a long time ago...

DOS version

Neuromancer Title Screen
Standing in the Cheap Hotel
Lonny Zone's Girl, Chillin' by the Light Tower
The House of Pong
Buy and Sell Body Parts at the BodyShop
Hacking the Hosaka Corp Databases
Welcome to Cyberspace
Use Thine Hammer!
The Greystoke AI
Title Screen (CGA Composite)
Begin the New Game (CGA Composite)
Title screen (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Starting a new game (CGA w/RGB Monitor)