Maniac Mansion Screenshots

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Amiga version

Character selection
Intro: Meteor impact
Intro: Game title
Starting scene of the adventure
In front of the house
In the house
Searching for useful stuff
An automatic "cut scene"
The save/load menu.
Down in the basement.
Bernard checks things out.
In the library.
The Three Guys Who Will Publish Anything!
Dave learns the danger of radioactive steam the hard way...
In the art room.
The security door.
In the medical room.
Reading a poster for Zak.
In the Green Tentacle's room.
Dave and Bernard look around.
Look! A package!
Under the house.
At the bottom of the pool.
My name is Dave, and I'm in the Maniac Mansion!
Sneaking past Edna while she is on the phone.
Mark checks out a demo tape.
The meteor police.
Time to stop this nut!
Get rid of that meteor.
Wendy is in the art room.
Wendy checks out upstairs.
Wendy runs into Green Tentacle. He won't let her pass until he gets some food.
In a storage room.
The dining room in the mansion. That's one long table. That painting on the wall shows up again in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
Weird Ed wants to know what happened to his cheese.
In the dark room.
Doctor Fred's bedroom.
The bathroom.
Down in the mansion's dungeon.

Apple II version

Title screen and main menu
The mansion!
The start of the game
Entering the mansion
A cut scene
Razor in the kitchen with Edna
Exploring the library
Uh oh, it's Green Tentacle!
There's plenty of stuff in this room. But is any of it useful?
An ad on TV.
Upstairs hallway.
Art room.
Video game room.
The mansion's foyer.
Caught by Nurse Edna and thrown in the dungeon!
Dining room.
Checking what supplies are on this storage shelf.
Old fashioned radio.
A real skeleton! Scary!
Upstairs hall.
Reading a poster...
Green Tentacle tells his sad life's story...
Cutscene with Weird Ed and Nurse Edna.
Man eating plant.
Caught by Weird Ed.

Atari ST version

Title screen and main menu
The mansion and opening credits
Title screen
The starting location for a new game
Wouldn't you know it; locked.
Why is there a chainsaw in the kitchen?
A cut scene
Yes, the copy protected door.
Yet another locked door...
Green tentacle!!
Well, I guess you can't argue that point...
A mummy in the shower?
More of the foyer.
There's an old radio here.
The library.
Dining room complete with rotting food.
Weird Ed in a cutscene.
"Where's the cheese?!"
Art room.
Rec room.
Ad on TV.
Security protection for door.
The basement has a nuclear reactor - just like the basement of every evil genius bent on world domination should.
Checking out the circuit breaker.
Thought you couldn't die in a LucasArts adventure game? Think again...
Save / Load game menu.
Pipes under the mansion.
In the photography room.
Bernard uses Doctor Fred's radio to contact the Meteor Police.
Cut scene: Planet earth.
Cut scene: The Meteor Police.
Opening the lab door to Doctor Fred's secret lab.
Green Tentacle's room.
Hallway and stairwell.
Video game room.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The mansion!
The titles in the opening sequence
The game begins here...
Sneaking into the mansion...
A cut scene...
Yikes, the kitchen!
Some useful items on the shelf?
Hello, green tentacle!
Razor explores the mansion
Uh oh, Weird Ed is leaving his room to go get some food...
Bernard, stuck in the dungeon
Mark Eteer, the head of the Three Guys Who Will Publish Anything, in a cutscene.
In the main hall.
In the dinning room.
The second floor.
On the third floor.
In Dr. Fred's room.
In green tentacle's room.
Hi! I'm Dave!
A cutscene with Weird Ed and Edna.
In the attic.
In the library.
Nice old radio.
A reactor in the basement?
Pictures of Dr. Fred and Edna on the wall.
In the Rec room.
Watching an ad on TV.
Near the pool.
The garage.
The load/save game menu.
Medical room.
Video game room.
Dark room for photo development.
Cutscene: It's planet earth.
Cutscene: The Meteor Police.
Cameo of a Jaggi from another Lucasfilm Game - Rescue on Fractalus!
Launching an Edsel into orbit.
Bottom of the pool.
Door to the secret lab.
A radiation suit.

DOS version

Main menu
Main Screen (Tandy 1000), note the different text font and cursor.
Introduction and the title
The beginning
Front door
The Crazy Doctor
The Normal Kitchen
Your Friend is Locked
The Reactor Room
Use The Sound to Catch the Key
Now You Have a Blank Tape
Don't Waste the Remover on the Paint
The 2nd Floor
Title screen (CGA)
Starting a new game (CGA)
Wandering around the mansion (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
At the door of the mansion (Hercules Monochrome)
A cut scene (Hercules Monochrome)
Wandering around the mansion (Hercules Monochrome)
Main menu (Enhanced version, EGA)
The new title screen (Enhanced version, EGA)
Entering the mansion (Enhanced version, EGA)
The Edisons are now blue (Enhanced version, EGA)
Bernard in the den (Enhanced version, EGA)
Hello Green Tenticle (Enhanced version, EGA)
The library (Enhanced version, CGA)
The laboratory (Enhanced version, CGA)
The mansion (Enhanced version, Hercules Monochrome)
Nurse Edna in the kitchen (Enhanced version, Hercules Monochrome)
The telescope (Enhanced version, EGA)
A hidden room... (Enhanced version, EGA)
The attic (Enhanced version, EGA)
Mark checks out a demo tape. (Enhanced version, EGA)
The secret lab (Enhanced version, EGA)
The start of the game. (Enhanced version, EGA)
Syd checks out the mansion's living room. (Enhanced version, EGA)
The high security door serves as the game's copy protection. (Enhanced version, EGA)
Syd checks out the mansion's rec room. (Enhanced version, EGA)
Outside the Mansion (CGA TTL B&W Mode)
Outside the Mansion (CGA Color Composite Mode)
Front Door (CGA Color Composite Mode)
Front Door (CGA TTL B&W Mode)
First Floor Hallway (CGA TTL B&W Mode)
First Floor Hallway (CGA Color Composite Mode)
Second Floor Landing (CGA TTL B&W Mode)
Second Floor Landing (CGA Color Composite Mode)
Character Select/Title Screen (CGA Color Composite Mode)
Character Select/Title Screen (CGA TTL B&W Mode)

NES version

Title screen
Choosing the two supporting characters
Starting the game
In front of the mansion
In the hall
Nice room
A typical dark room: you have to locate a lamp and turn it on
Waaa! A skeleton!
Strange room
The tentacle won't let you pass until you free him
Lots of things to collect here
Watching TV
Good for you, child, good for you...
Title screen (Japanese version)
Character selection screen (Japanese version)
Intro (Japanese version)
The starting location (Japanese version)
In front of the mansion (Japanese version)
The mansion!
Save / Load game menu.
Cutscene: Dr. Fred is holding Sandy hostage.
Dark room for photo developing.
Green Tentacle's room.
Cutscene: Weird Ed is worried about his dad.
A mummy and an exercise machine. A weird combo.
Under the house.
Launching an Edsel into orbit.
I hope Dr. Fred's insurance covers craters left by flying Edsels.
Cutscene: Earth.
Cutscene: The Meteor Police.
There's a man eating plant here so wait out!

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