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Borrowed Time Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The start of the game
Some thugs are after you.
Making an escape out the window.
Hmm, bandages. Could be useful?
Exploring the town.
Yikes, that's not good.
The newsstand.
Ducking bullets!
In the attic
In your office
Climb to freedom!
In the GW office
Where am I now?
Outside a fenced home
Mean dogs!
Spying on two people.
A nasty thug!

Apple II version

Title screen
The start of the game
Hiding from some thugs...
Make your escape out the window
Exploring the town...
This can't be good...
The newsstand...

Atari ST version

Title screen
The beginning of the game
Hiding from some thugs
Some interesting characters here
Found some potentially useful items
Exploring the town
A newspaper stand
In hotel
Medicine is near
Hi Bruce
Listen a woman
Poor Mavis Brown
Thug on cable
Beefy Guy
Fascinating Doris
from nowhere...
City park.
Outside police station.
Inside the police station.
In front of blue house.
Hostage situation.
Mean dogs.
Waiting room.
Street corner.
Hot dog cart.
Inside the G & W building.
Polk street.
Parking lot.
Frame house.
Apartment door.
Parking lot office.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Title screen (Mastertronic release)
The start of the game
Hiding behind a chair
Some interesting characters here...
Exploring the town a bit...
Search for clues...
On the streets of the town...
Secretary's office.
Base of stairway - being chased by thugs.
Did I mention that I'm scared of heights?
Thugs chasing you!
Dying by "lead poisoning"
Outside the Rose.
Your pal Hawkeye.
Looks like this could be trouble...
Dusty apartment...
G & W building.
G & W lobby.
Doctor's office lobby.
Bruce Light.
Outside the post office.
It's the boys in blue!
City park.
A shed.
Inside the post office.
The story's blonde bombshell.
Parking lot.
Jake - the owner of the parking lot.
Farnham's pad.
A heavy.
Farnham - the mobster boss.
Mean dogs!

Macintosh version

Thug on clothesline.
Boss Farnham in his study.
Ugly thug.
Sam's feet on his desk.
Hostage situation.

PC Booter version

Title screen (CGA)
The start of the game (CGA)
Thugs are after you... (CGA)
Outside a medical office (CGA)
In Bruce Light's livingroom... (CGA)
Anything suspicious here? (CGA)
The newsstand...
Uh oh, trouble!
Could you fall?
are they drinking?
are you guarding the door?
how could they have left you alone?
it happens often
Standing on a ledge.
The West End of First Street.
Hot dog cart man.
First and Main.
In front of Rita's apartment.
Rita's apartment door.
Inside Rita's apartment.
G and W building.
Inside the G and W.
Parking lot.
Frame house.
Another ugly thug.
Mean dogs.
Farnham - local mobster kingpin.
All right - freeze! On the ground!
In the post office.
Post office boxes.
Outside the police station.
In the police station.
Doctor's office.
Waiting for a check-up.
I found a bone!
Title screen - Borrowed Time
Living tutorial