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Quarantine Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Intro crawl
Drake prepares for another day of cabbing.
Defending your cab.
Title screen.
Driving the rough streets of Kemo.
Picking up a fare.
The passenger details his destination.
Change your view to look out the windows.
Watch the extra traffic.
Cut through the mess with your mounted weapons.
Pedestrian speed bump.

DOS version

Developer's logo
Intro sequence
Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Two cars reduced to flaming wreckage
Deadbeat fare
Not-so-deadbeat fare
Psychopath pedestrian
Slamming into a pedestrian :-)
Chunk-o-rific! :-)
Waking up from a dream (intro from CD version)
Driving the cab (intro from CD version)
One of your clients (intro from CD version)
Fare meter (intro from CD version)
Running over a pedestrian (intro from CD version)
Defending your cab (intro from CD version)
Heading to a service shop
Buying & repairing is a drive-thru experience
Service shop interface
Heading to a weapon shop
Weapon shop wares
Your trusty UZI for strafing psycho-pedestrians
New powerful weapons will only be available later in the game. Behold the fiery flamethrower!
Old Kemo district. You'll be offered passwords to advance to other city zones.
Game over, man! Omnicorp thugs offed you!
The city is on fire!
The misty Wharf. Note my bumper with plastic explosive!
It wasn't a bridge, it was a pier! (yes, you can drown in this game)
Will you ever see Kemo City from the outside?
Out of gas? (outro from CD version)

SEGA Saturn version

In this game it isn't speed you need to be worrying about...
Steal my fare will you!