Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!! Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

The title screen
There are worse places to wake up than a used toilet in a run down pub... but none come to mind right now.
Whoa there, this wasn't in my contract. I thought only RPG characters did the whole amnesia gig
Kill my boss? Did I dare live out the American dream?
Don't shoot me! I'm a shoesalesman! Honest!
He looked at me funny, officer! Honest!
Wash room sink.
A rundown bar that's sleazier than Bill Clinton.
Hallway with pictures.
Secretary's desk.
Wine cellar.
Underground chamber.
Secret casino... I though these things were like illegal or something.
On a fire escape.
In the sewers.
Crikey! It's a huge alligator!
I kicked the bucket. In other words - I'm dead - Game over.
Your unfriendly neighborhood thug.
Pete's All-Nite-Gun Palace. Sounds like wholesome fun for the whole family.
Pete's got guns for sale.
Another taxi.
In a taxi.
Ted Kennedy makes a cameo appearance.
Police station.
It's a long ways down...
Outside Stanford Arms.
Stanford Arms Lobby.
Outside bungalow.
Inside a bungalow.
Outside office building.
Either that's a mobster or an IRS audit agent... Either way this could be trouble!
Mansion's front door.
Creepy looking butler!