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Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Putt Putt on his way to the Fireworks Factory...
Putt Putt communicates.
Putt-Putt is off on a wild ride into space.
This way to the moon
Putt-Putt may not be in Kansas any more, but that's where this mouse family hails from. Tourists!
Click through the maze to reach Pep.
A new pal, Rover, abandoned on the moon by a heartless crew of astronauts.
This two-headed alien offers Putt-Putt the rocketship in exchange for 10 crystals.
A blueprint showing the parts Putt-Putt needs for the ship.
Playing catch-the-alien to win crystals.
Putt-Putt partakes of a soda in the Cosmic Dust Diner.
A playable arcade game in the diner
To get rocket fuel, Putt-Putt must first find Robbie Radar at his apartment complex.
Robbie moved! Putt-Putt follows directions from room to room.
Governor Moonbeam has something for a doer-of-good-deeds.
Rocket keys!
Play a Simon-style game to unlock these gates.
The Man in the Moon has always wanted a picture of himself.
Some assembly required before the return to Earth.
Finally, on the way home
Putt-Putt's welcoming committee