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Main Menu
Copyright protection...boy was this confusing
Gamestart - Just outside the bridge leading to Same Mercon...or you could head back to the jungle and likely get yourself killed by maurauding monsters...
Better keep a low profile, those Mercon guards have a thing against honorable thieves like Keef here.
Ah...Mercon - the city of opportunity for a young thief as yourself. Time to get busy, eh?
The mighty Merchant King and his beautiful daughter. Wonder if you can "steal" her heart, eh?
At Mercon Bazaar (North) you can buy weapons and armor, thieving equipment or visit the local healer.
The Drunk'n Dragon is the place when you need to buy food or get place room for the night. The local patrons may provide valuable information also.
Oooh Mama! Now finally all those years of lock picking with toothpicks and pickpocketing beggars will certainly pay off! That is if you survive disarming the least you'll die thinking rich!
South of the bazaar is the Herb store that sells ingredients for spell-casting and the book store. If you can steal it, why buy it?
The local barbarian here sells German-made horses (see logo) while the artists sell paintings for food.
The Pink Dragon pub, this is where you pawn your "borrowed" merchandise for a pretty penny to the local collectors and merchants
Real-time combat requires fast movement and fast attacks at the enemy...or you could always run away.
Visiting one of the wealthier parts of the neighbourhood in Mercon. Just waiting for that guard to pass-by and break-in someone's home!
Most houses don't have any loot to steal, those that do often have traps you have to disarm. This house has an antique plate you can steal and sell to the Collector at the Dragon Pink Pub
Character Status - Keef the Thief is probably the only RPG that uses percentage (%) for its statistics. A welcome change!
Character abilities - The more you succeed in thieving the higher your abilities develop.
Score - Overall progress in the game. Looks like a long way to go...
The Ruins of Tel Empor - Wonder what treasures (or monsters) lie beneath its fallen rubble?
Finally a dungeon! Oh...look a door waiting to be picked! Hope you brought those lockpicks with you.
Did you know mermaids didn't wear clothes? That's why they all have long hair...
How do you get in this place without that dang guard shooting his dang crossbow in my face everytime I walk near the place?
At the most SW corner of the map, you'll find Land's Edge. So why are you here? Rumor has it, rare Phoenix eggs can be found here.
Climbing this tree overlooking the Abyss might not be such a great idea. Oh look, a trap (on a tree?)...time to get to work.
What's with these guards these days? They seem to be trigger happy with their crossbows and always love to shoot point blank in your face!
Now what's a town doing way up on the tree Elves I would expect...or is it the process of evolution?
How they manage to fit all these buildings on tree tops amazes me...hmm that wall looks fishy...searching it would be a good idea (hint!)
Sometimes those flying axes can be a little too fast and too big. Other times, the traps require DNA scans which is too much for a medieval thief. Death never is pretty...especially for a thief.
The Naughty Dog front office is pretty hip compared to the medieval type locals