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Dark Seed Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro sequence - The alien ship is arriving
Title Screen
1st day - Alien embryo is being implanted in Mike Dawson's brain
After a horrifying nightmare...
Taking shower in the bathroom is everyday ritual
The second bedroom is really simply equipped
A library card found in the trench coat
Holding the blue print for your large house
In the dark and damp secret room
The postman just delivered a parcel
A baby doll transformed into a grotesque alien demon
This car in the garage doesn't look drivable
Interior of the car - there is a pair of gloves somewhere
Using a crowbar to open the chest in the attic
Quiet street of the Woodland Hills
Buying a bottle of scotch in Klug's food market
Local barber serving a customer
Entrance to an old library
Conversation with a very attractive librarian Sue
A bookshelf in the library
A journal scrap found in the green book
Interesting name on one of the tombstones
In front of the creepy mausoleum in the cemetery
A lot of vases in the mausoleum's basement
2nd day - A vision of Mike Dawson morphing into a hideous creature
Entering the Dark World through now repaired mirror
On the other side of the mirror
The plans for a gruesome experiment on you
Observation deck - there is a pair of binoculars
A view through binoculars on the alien landscape
Watching the victims of a bio mechanical leech
It was a very bad idea to touch the Ancient
Mike is put in the empty case by Dreketh guard
In the prison after being arrested
Your lawyer friend Delbert playing with his dog
Walking through the gloomily looking alien park
A narrow bridge guarded by the alien dog
Being arrested by the alien police officer
In the Dark World version of the prison
Dreketh Guards recruitment center
Located in the great archive chamber
The Keeper of the Scrolls gives you valuable information
3rd day - A vision of Mike Dawson's head changing into the skull
Viewing a microfiche film in the library
The floor in your basement was hiding car keys
Approaching the organic computer of the Ancients
In the control center of the alien ship
4th day - Alien embryo from Mike Dawson's head just hatched
Cautious sergeant in the police station