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Mindshadow Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The beginning location
Hmm, there's a hut here...
Is there anything useful inside?
I wonder if this old boat can be of help
Found a vine in this jungle
A cave; should you investigate closer?
Uh oh, quicksand!
I am lost in the mountains
A man shows up to rescue(?) me.
On board a pirate ship
The ships doctor
Fighting with the ships crew
Bringing the boat to a stop...
Royal Navy to the rescue!
Exploring a small town
This sleeping man may have some useful items
Welcome to Rick's Cafe!
Searching the cafe
Here's a suspect man...
Ready to escape via airplane?
Near a cliff.
Mean crew men.
On the ship.
The captain of the ship.
You found buried treasure!
On a dock.
A drunken bum...
In an alleyway.
Look what's in the hat!
A shady shop keeper.
Off of the plane.
Walking down the streets.

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Starting the game
Hmm. Most shells, you just here the ocean.
Closer to the hut
Inside the hut.
Hmm. Maybe going that way isn't a very goo idea.
Nope, not a good idea.
I wonder if this is the S. S. Minnow?
Getting help from the Condor.

Apple II version

Mindshadow title screen (original)
Title screen (cracked version)
The beginning location
Hmm, there's a hut here...
Anything useful inside this hut?
An old dory lies broken and faded
A clearing in the jungle
A rocky cave!
Be careful of the quicksand
As usual, I'm lost...
A bottle of rum on the beach, how convenient!
This guy might be able to help me get out of here
On the pirate ship
The ships doctor
This is a suspect crew
The galley; there is a meat cleaver here
Ha ha, I've stopped this ship!
Rescued by the Royal Navy!
Exploring a little town
There's a sleeping man here...
Welcome to Rick's Cafe...
Hmm, this clerk doesn't trust you...
Now here's a suspect character...
Escape by plane?
In a booth.
Outside bank.
Bank teller.
Outside hotel.
There is an elevator here.
In elevator.
Hotel hallway.
Hotel Room 202.
An annoying man in a hotel room.
Hotel room.
Hobo in alley.

Atari 8-bit version

Activision logo
Title screen
The beginning location
Hmm, there's a hut here...
Anything useful inside the hut?
An old boat lies here
Taken a vine; surely that will come in use sometime later...
A map; anything of interest here?
Uh oh, quicksand!
I should have listened to that sign warning about quicksand
On a ship that rescued me
Thanks for the analysis, doc!
There's some mean looking characters on this boat
Stopped the boat dead in its tracks!
The Royal Navy arrives!
Exploring Baker Street
Arriving at Rick's Cafe
A waitress leaves you a drink
Following a suspect character
This guy looks pleasant...
Fly off to the next location...
Arriving at hotel
Rocky cliff.
Inside the cave.
On a shore.
Getting a hint from the Condor.
Row boat.
Pirate captain.
In the ship's galley.
Take a long walk down a short pier...
I'm sure those nice people hiding in the alleyway will help me on my quest!
Sleeping man.
Outside bank.

Atari ST version

Title screen
The starting location
A hut
A warning sign for quicksand
I should not have tried to cross the quicksand...
Rocky cliff.
Wrecked boat.
In the jungle.
On the pirate ship.
Port side of the pirate ship.
Pirate ship's stern.
Pirate captain.
Buildings along the dock.
On Baker Street.
Outside Cafe.
In Rick's Cafe.
Dining room of Rick's Cafe.
Sleazy alley.
Seedy shop.
Dark alley. Not the best place to hang out.
Sleeping man.
Hotel hallway.
Room 202.
Street vendor.
Following a suspicious looking man.
A bank.
Outside bank.
Outside hotel.
Hotel lobby.
This guy shoots first and asks questions later.
He's dead, Jim!
Outside cave.
Inside cave.
Getting help from the Condor.

Commodore 64 version

The beginning...
The title screen.
The ship's doctor.
The ship's galley.
The captain of the ship.
Yeah! It's the navy!
On a dock.
An old fisher man.
A sleeping bum.
Outside Rick's Cafe.
Forged airline tickets can be your's if you know the password.
In Rick's Cafe.
A hut.
A bum.
An airplane.
In a small inn.
GASP! A dead man!
In the bank.
In the hotel.
Outside the elevator.
In the elevator.
I don't understand modern art either...
A hotel room.
In the jungle.
It's pay back time...
Near a cave.
In the cave.
HELP! I've drowned!
On a beach near a chest.
Hey! Captain!
The condor can help you.

Macintosh version

Title screen
The main menu
The game begins here
Exploring a hut
Hmm, there is an old, broken dory here
At the edge of a cliff; want to climb down?
I found a map!
Careful, quicksand in the area!
On a beach

PC Booter version

Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
The beginning location (CGA with composite monitor)
Hmm, there's a hut here... (CGA with composite monitor)
Is there anything useful in this hut? (CGA with composite monitor)
An old dory lies broken and faded (CGA with composite monitor)
Exploring a jungle (CGA with composite monitor)
Be careful of this quicksand (CGA with composite monitor)
I've found yet another beach (CGA with composite monitor)
Can this map be useful? (CGA with composite monitor)
This guy could help you, maybe... (CGA with composite monitor)
On a pirate ship (CGA with composite monitor)
The ships doctor (CGA with composite monitor)
Fighting with the ships crew (CGA with composite monitor)
I've managed to stop this ship (CGA with composite monitor)
Royal Navy to the rescue! (CGA with composite monitor)
Exploring a small town (CGA with composite monitor)
A fat man sleeping here... (CGA with composite monitor)
Welcome to Rick's Cafe! (CGA with composite monitor)
This shady character doesn't trust you (CGA with composite monitor)
Are you ready to leave by plane? (CGA with composite monitor)
Dock. (CGA Composite Mode)
Dark alley... A very good place to get mugged! (CGA Composite Mode)
Why does everyone want to kill me?! (CGA Composite Mode)
Talk! (CGA Composite Mode)
Alley. (CGA Composite Mode)
Guy in the gutter. (CGA Composite Mode)
Welcome to Luxembourg. (CGA Composite Mode)
Street. (CGA Composite Mode)
Inn. (CGA Composite Mode)
He's dead, Jim! (CGA Composite Mode)
Outside bank. (CGA Composite Mode)
Bank clerk. (CGA Composite Mode)
Outside hotel. (CGA Composite Mode)
Hotel lobby. (CGA Composite Mode)
Outside an elevator. (CGA Composite Mode)
Inside elevator. (CGA Composite Mode)
Everybody is a critic! (CGA Composite Mode)
Hotel hallway. (CGA Composite Mode)
Hit by a poisoned dart! (CGA Composite Mode)
Forest. (CGA Composite Mode)
Title screen (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
The starting location (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
There's a hut here! (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Inside the hut (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Another beach (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Be careful, quicksand is ahead! (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Oh noooooo, I sank to the bottom by stepping on the quicksand! (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
An old dory lies broken and faded in the sand. (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
A jungle (CGA w/RGB Monitor)